James Lane Allen and Wendell Berry
Mountain Passes of the Cumberland, and II. Civilizing the Cumberlands: a commentary
King Library Press, Lexington, 1972


Hoeing's Map: "Mountain Passes"


Joseph Bernard Hoeing served as a geologist, cartographer, and topographer, with the Kentucky Geological Survey from 1882-1893. John R. Procter, director in 1890, wrote of him, "an educated engineer, who has had large experience in topography....his very instructive map showing mountain passes was published during the year 1889." -- from notes made by Vivian Hall, Librarian, Department of Geology, University of Kentucky. This little map, which James Lane Allen might have known, has been reproduced from two plates; the over-lay plate (printed in red) was prepared by Allen Lindsey. This book has been printed during the summer months of 1969-1972 by apprentices at the press of Gravesend. Allen Lindsey, Peggy Bennington, Travis DuPriest, Mabel Benson, and Gray Zeitz gave many hours to its publication. one hundred copies


Set in 14 point ATF Caslon Oldstyle. Hosho paper. Two color map tipped in. Cased in boards covered with green Fabriano paper, printed label on spine.