Burton Milward
William (King) Solomon, 1775-1854
The King Library Press, Lexington, 1974


Copyright © 1974, by Burton Milward


Composition and press work Joseph Argabrite, Harry Gilbert, Barbara Harris, Christopher Meatyard, Ida Nieves-Collazo, John Richardson, David Smith, Carolyn Whitesel, Lance Wyman, Gray Zeitz (Apprentices to Carolyn Hammer at the King Library Press, Spring 1974) Binding Gwendolyn Curtis, Claire McCann, Margo Padgett, Priscilla Zaenglein (Apprentice to Margaret Williams) one hundred copies.


Set in 14 point ATF Caslon Oldstyle. Hosho paper. Color photograph of "King" Solomon tipped in (from painting by Samuel Woodson Price done c. 1850 -- Waller O. Bullock collection). Cased in boards covered with marbled papers produced at the Press. Printed label on spine. Issued with blue paper dust jacket with title printed on front.