Joseph C. Graves
A Brief Description of the Old Episcopal Burying Ground in Lexington, Ky.
The King Library Press, Lexington, Kentucky, 2000

Frontispiece   Title page

Adorned with Sculptures by Mr. John De Pol


The King Library Press has reissued this booklet to benefit the restoration of the Old Episcopal Burying Ground, underway in 1999.

The Colophon of the 1967 Gravesend edition -

This little booklet was underway (in fact, it was set it type) before Joseph C. Graves' death on June 2, 1960. Since the subject matter, the Caslon typography and the John De Pol wood engravings are all so characteristically Gravesend, Lucy Graves decided that the book should be issued as the final Gravesend imprint - as was prophetically indicated by the gravestone illustration opposite. The booklet has now been completed by Bob Middleton in December, 1967.