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Goals and Core Values of the Martin Luther King Center
Photo of students standing in front of Funkhouser Building
  • Cultural/Educational Programming
    Sponsor programs and activities which provide educational experiences designed to prepare students for global citizenry in a technologically advanced, global economy.
  • Student Support & Development
    Offer opportunities for student leadership development; provide resource & administrative support, advising to student organizations and employment to student workers.
  • Community Outreach, Engagement & Collaboration
    Seek programmatic linkages and engagement with a wide range of civic and community-based agencies and organizations [i.e. schools, churches, youth organizations, etc.]

Core Values
Using tools such as interviews and opinion surveys, these teams developed the MLKC’s Core Values, which guide all of its internal decision-making processes:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Strive to create opportunities for learning for the entire campus community.
  • Student Success: Strive to become an essential element to success for the students that are underserved in the population.
  • Advocacy: Serve as an advocate for an inclusive campus and environment, and for all students to realize that they are a valued part of the UK community.
  • Collaboration: Work with high regard of collaborating and partnering with a variety of entities.
  • Outreach: Exemplify the ideal and philosophy of Dr. King by connecting students across social and cultural boundaries and the campus to the Lexington community, and reaching across the state of Kentucky to further efforts of inclusivity.