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Toner Request

Notice Regarding Toner Replacements:

All devices on the Managed Print Services (MPS) program are constantly monitored via a TRAC system interface that detects toner levels approaching pre-defined levels. The system automatically alerts the Ricoh staff when a machine needs toner. Ricoh proactively replaces toner before it reaches end of life.

In some instances new toner may be delivered and left with the department to replace when current cartridge(s) become empty. Before submitting a toner request form, please verify whether a new toner may have already been delivered and is on-site for the need.

Ricoh recognizes departments with high-volume machines may want to request spare toners for immediate replacement should they run out and is committed to provision of those on a case-by-case basis. Requests for extra toners should be minimized and requested only for areas with high-volume needs.

Toner intended for a specific machine on the MPS program may NOT be used on other MPS or University-owned machines under any circumstance. Due to the high value of toner, departments will be asked to sign for additional cartridges left onsite and are responsible in case of their misuse or theft.

To submit a request for Toner please fill out all required information below, for faster and more accurate service.

The Equipment ID or Barcode number is an eight digit, all numeric unique identifier, located near the "See Blue Print Green" sticker on the device. (ie: 12123456)
Please enter the physical address of the device's current location.
Building of device location.
Room number of device's location.
Contact person for device.
Contact's phone number for correspondence.
Please indicate the priority level at which you are requiring toner.
Please choose the color of toner that you are requesting.