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Dead Week

Dead Week rules apply only to undergraduate students.

Please see Senate Rule for the exact language of the rule.

The last week of instruction of a regular semester is termed "Dead Week.” In the rest of these Rules, this term also refers to the last three days of instruction of a summer session and a summer term.

  • In cases of "Take Home" final examinations, students shall not be required to return the completed examination before the regularly scheduled examination period for that course.
  • No examinations, including final examinations, may be scheduled during the Dead Week.
  • No quizzes may be given during Dead Week.
  • No project, lab practical, papers, presentations or oral/listening examinations may be scheduled to fall during the Dead Week unless it was scheduled in the syllabus AND the course has no final examination (or assignment that acts as a final examination) scheduled during finals week. A course with a lab component may schedule the lab practical of the course during Dead Week if the lab portion does not also require a Final Examination during finals week.
  • Make-up exams and quizzes are allowed during Dead Week.
  • Class participation and attendance grades are permitted during Dead Week.
  • The current wording of this rule does not prohibit continuing into Dead Week regularly assigned graded homework that was announced in the class syllabus.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the Ombud Office if any questions arise about what academic activities may and may not occur during Dead Week.