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Course and Instructor Demographics

The syllabus should provide the full and accurate title of the course, its departmental/college prefix, numerical designation, and section number. Also needed are the scheduled meeting day(s), time(s) and place(s). The syllabus must also provide sufficient information so that students can contact the instructor at reasonable times outside of class, including but not necessarily limited to: instructor name, office location, office phone number, and campus e-mail address. Often providing the departmental office phone number and location is a good idea as well.

All instructors should provide ample time for students to consult with them outside of class. Regularly scheduled office hours facilitate that interaction. The syllabus should provide all relevant details about regularly scheduled office hours during which students may seek consultation and advice, including the day(s), hours, building, and room number. If a prior appointment is required, the syllabus should specify how to make one as well. Academic conflicts can often be avoided by ensuring that lines of communication between student and instructor are established at the start of a course. Encourage students to communicate their concerns before a small problem becomes a large one.

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