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Enrollment & Grades

Issues related to enrollment, absences, withdrawals and incompletes are handled consistent with the University Senate Rules. For additional information, see below.

A. Class Enrollment: Students who are attending class, but are not on the class roll (i.e., not enrolled) should be directed to the Registrar. The University has no obligation to instruct students who participate in class without enrolling or whose enrollment becomes nullified during the semester. It is the responsibility of the instructor in each class to certify that the final roll is correct. When a student is taking the course as a visiting student or auditing the class, that student's status and the instructor's expectations of the student should be clearly agreed upon at the start of the course.

B. Permissive Withdrawal (S.R. Students who request withdrawal from a course after the official withdrawal date must obtain permission from their college dean and certify urgent non-academic reasons.

C. Retroactive Withdrawal (S.R. For two years (730 days) after the end of the term students may also present an appeal to the Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals committee to have their grades for that semester changed to Ws. Although the committee determines whether or not the grade(s) will be changed, the appeal for this is also filed through the office of the Dean of the student's college.

D. Non-attendance (S.R. Students who are entered by the Registrar into the official class roll, but who have neither attended class nor officially withdrawn are to be reported as "not in class."

E. Incomplete "I" Grades (S.R. An "I" should be given only when a reasonable possibility exists the student can complete the work within the allowed period of time and that a passing grade will result from completion of the work. The "I" must be replaced by a regular letter grade no later than 12 months from the end of the academic term in which the grade was awarded OR prior to the student's graduation, whichever occurs first. The instructor should create a statement that includes the following:

  1. the name of the student;
  2. the course number and hours of credit;
  3. semester and year of enrollment;
  4. signature of the Instructor of Record;
  5. a brief statement of the reason(s) for recording the incomplete; and
  6. specific instructions on how alternate grades on the work to be completed will affect the final grade;
  7. the specific time requirement (not to exceed 12 months) set by the Instructor of Record for removal of the "I" grade and consequences of not removing the "I" grade; and
  8. signature of the student, if feasible.

Copies should be provided to the student and Department Chair at the time the "I" grade is reported (or the Director of Graduate Studies in the case of a graduate student). Some students who realize suddenly that they are behind or struggling in a course may request assignment of an "I" grade. It is entirely within the instructor's discretion to comply with or to refuse the request depending upon the particular circumstances in each case.

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