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Academic Rights of Students

Students attending the University of Kentucky have rights, and sometimes the rights afforded to them are violated. If you experience an incident where you believe your rights are violated, first review the Senate Rules. Below are some highlights of your academic rights. For the exact Senate Rules covering your rights see S.R. 6.1.0 (pdf).

  • Your instructor must provide you with a written class syllabus by the first or second class meeting outlining the nature of the course — the content, the activities to be evaluated, and the grading practice to be followed.
  • You are allowed to express a reasoned contrary opinion in a class without being penalized.
  • Your grade must be based only upon fair and just evaluation measured by the standards outlined in the syllabus, and you must be given a mid-term grade based on the criteria in the syllabus.
  • Your performance in a program must be based on a fair and just academic evaluation.
  • Grades must never be based on "irrelevant considerations," such as sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion, age, etc.
  • You have the right to have your academic records kept confidential unless authorized by University personnel for official use.

If you experience an instance where your rights are violated, first talk with the instructor or the chair of the department where the course is taught, or you may contact our office for clarification on your concerns and assistance in resolving violations.