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Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is the first indicator of your instructor's expectations of the course and should offer you a detailed description of both course content and assignments. It functions as an academic "contract" between you and your instructor. It should be provided free of charge and given to you on the first or second class meeting. See S.R. 6.1.1 (pdf).

The syllabus should also provide relevant details about regularly scheduled office hours during which you may seek consultation and advice. It should also provide information about all policies (such as attendance and make-up opportunities) to be enforced during the course.

For more information on how to resolve concerns about your syllabus click here:

Steps to Resolve Concerns about Your Syllabus

  • Your first step in resolving any concerns you may have about your syllabus is to meet with your instructor.
  • If your initial attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor is unsuccessful, you should meet with the department chair to express your concerns. Be sure and provide any information that helps to explain the issue at hand.
  • If you are unable to resolve your concerns regarding the syllabus with the course instructor or the department chair, and/or you would like a confidential consultation, you may contact the Academic Ombud Services Office to schedule an appointment with the Ombud.
  • If your concerns with the syllabus have merit, and should you wish to preserve you anonymity with the course instructor and department chair, the Academic Ombud may contact the course instructor on your behalf to resolve the matter. In this instance, the Ombud will inform you of the instructor's decision.