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Faculty-Student Relations

Occasionally, students come to our office with concerns about a specific instructor. These complaints range from unfair grading practices to perceived favoritism or fear of retaliation. If you have attempted to resolve an issue with the instructor and chair of the department where the course is being taught, please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion about your particular situation.

The Senate has developed a Code of Faculty Responsibilities. Below are some highlights:

  • You should be able to meet with your instructors for advising and other conferences; most faculty will post office hours and/or allow you to meet with them at mutually convenient times.
  • Your instructors should return to, discuss with, or make available all papers, quizzes and examinations within a reasonable period of time.
  • You should be informed when your individual or collective efforts are to be used for professional or personal advancement of a faculty member, or if you are to be used as a research subject in a research study.
  • If you are a graduate student, faculty should arrange for appropriate interaction and communication in the direction of your theses.

For more information regarding the Faculty Code, see S.R. 7.0 (pdf).