As you can see from the items below, the UK Chapter of the American Association of University Professors remained active until a decade ago. Since then our work has consisted mainly of aiding individual faculty members who had problems with administrators regarding academic freedom and/or tenure. (The Kentucky State Conference of AAUP has remained active, with yearly meetings and invited speakers.)

Part of the reason for local inactivity has been the absence of major issues involving faculty and the UK administration. As you can see from items #9 and #8 below, the last major issues addressed were the thwarting of a draconian post-tenure review process (followed by the installation of a reasonable one) and the question of whether the College of Arts and Sciences should be divided into three separate colleges (Arts and Letters, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Science and Mathematics).

Lately, a number of faculty members have expressed concerns regarding actions and policies of some University administrators. It appears that there is enough interest in revitalizing the UK Chapter, using some financial resources bequeathed to us by a former member of faculty, that we are planning a meeting in early spring.

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