American Association of University Professors
University of Kentucky Chapter

Resolution Adopted by the Executive Committee of the
University of Kentucky Chapter,
American Association of University Professors

February 28, 2000
TO:  Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky

FROM: Executive Committee, Campus Chapter, AAUP

RE:  Vacancy in the Post of Chancellor for the Lexington Campus

     Under the University's present administrative structure, the Chancellor for the Lexington Campus is the chief academic officer with decisional responsibilities relating to programs, plans, and priorities including academic appointments, promotion, tenure, budget planning and management, support services, and academic planning and coordination. Additionally, as chief operating officer for the Lexington campus, the Chancellor plays a key role in carrying forward the President's administrative policies.
     In ordinary circumstances, because of the Chancellor's very important role, the appointment of a new Chancellor requires a careful national search to identify the very best qualified candidates. Such a search cannot be accomplished in the few months proposed by Dr. Wethington. Moreover, even after a thorough search for a new Chancellor, it would be unwise to make such an appointment under the present circumstances in which the University is in the midst of a search for a new President because it would seriously encumber the new President's ability to assemble his or her cabinet of choice. Indeed, such poorly timed action undoubtedly would discourage many fine potential candidates from being available for either office at this university.
     For the above reasons, the Board of Trustees is respectfully urged to direct President Wethington to recommend an appointee for the post of Acting Chancellor to serve until President Wethington's successor takes office. In addition, to ensure that the Acting Chancellor has the confidence of the academic community, the Board is respectfully urged to direct President Wethington to recommend the Acting Chancellor from among three candidates nominated by the University Senate Council.

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