Press Release: AAUP Response to Patton higher education proposal

The Kentucky State Conference of the American Association of University Professors, representing public and private, two and four year colleges, regional and research universities, shares a common interest and responsibility in the quality of higher education. We welcome the leadership of the governor and the legislature in the reform effort. At this phase of the effort, however, we note two particular concerns. We worry that the time frame--implementation date July 1st 1997--proposed by Governor Patton for making the monumental changes in post-secondary education may prohibit meaningful citizen participation in the reform process. Further, we are concerned that the role of educators in making education decisions not be handed over to politics and politicians. In particular, we urge that the legislature consult fully with faculty and citizens of the Commonwealth on the specific proposal released by the governor on March 26 on issues that impact academic due process before any such plan becomes final. The Kentucky AAUP Conference stands ready to consult with the legislature and otherwise contribute to the process.

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