Instructions for Applying for the NOYCE Scholarship

for New or Initial Certification Science or Mathematics Teachers



1.     Applications are now being accepted for new or initial certification science teachers at the following: Ohio University, University of Kentucky, and University of Virginia's College at Wise. Application are now being accepted for new or initial certification mathematics teachers at the following: None. (Last updated on November 1, 2004. The other universities will be added as they become available.) All applications must be done online.


2.     Meet with an appropriate advisor at your institution. Use NOYCE Science/Science Education or Mathematics/Mathematics Education Advisors to contact an advisor at your participating university. (Participating institutions include Ohio University, University of Kentucky, and University of Virginia College at Wise). Discuss your science or mathematics teaching interests with the advisor and have that person evaluate your existing education course work. Prepare a list of all courses needed to obtain certification in mathematics or science. This list requires signatures by you and your advisor. Your advisor may have an institutional form for reporting this type of information. The form is frequently called a "curriculum contract."


3.     Complete the online Application Form. The form contains the following five (5) parts:


Part I, Background Information;

Part II, Short Essay;

Part III, Science or Mathematics Courses and Grades;

Part IV, Advising and Overall GPA; and

Part V, References.


Parts of the Application Form may be submitted at different times. Some parts of the application require lots of specific information. Avoid losing data entered into the application by having material organized prior to preparing and submitting any part of the application. A Worksheet has been provided to help guide applicants in gathering information for the Application Form.


4.     The following materials (A-D) must be obtained and submitted to the scholarship review committee at the following address:


Noyce Scholarship Program


200 East Vine St., Ste. 420

Lexington, KY 40588-1049


A.    A copy of the academic and professional courses needed for completion of your science or mathematics teaching preparation program. The form must contain your signature and the signature of your science or mathematics education advisor. (Some institutions may have a prepared form for this. It is frequently called a "curriculum contract." See #2)


B.    Official copies of all college transcripts.


C.    Documentation/confirmation of percentiles and raw scores from one of the following standardized test scores: ACT, SAT, or GRE. Only one set of test data is required for the NOYCE application. If you have taken, and reported, more than one test, the highest test scores will be used in evaluating your scholarship application. The Selection Committee will accept clear, unaltered copies of reports sent to you by the testing agencies.


D.   Three (3) letters of recommendation. It is recommended that two (2) of the recommendations be prepared by people who are familiar with your academic background and skills (e.g., science/mathematics teacher or professor). The recommendation may come from an individual who is familiar with your character, personality, work ethic, and dependability. Recommendations may be directly sent to the Noyce Scholarship Program from the person writing the recommendation. (If you have individuals send the form to the Noyce Scholarship Program, then you should provide these individuals with addressed and stamped envelopes.) If a writer places the form in a sealed envelope and the seal is signed by the individual writing the recommendation, then you may collect the forms and send them in a single package. Unsealed recommendations can not be accepted.


The Noyce Scholarship Recommendation Form is located at this web site. Print copies of the form and distribute them to individuals who are preparing recommendations for you.


All applications and support materials by September 15, 2004 to be considered for funding for the 2004 fall term.