Making Algebra Accessible
Morehead, KY
July 18 July 22, 2005

This workshop is open to special education teachers only. Click here to view a flyer with details about the workshop.

Before special education teachers can register for this workshop, they must identify a regular mathematics teacher who is willing to work with them throughout the 2005-06 school year and attend the workshop follow-ups that take place during that school year.

Before you proceed to the registration page you need to have:

  1. Your name, job title, work and home address; telephone, fax, and cell number; and email address.
  2. You need to also obtain this information for the teacher that will be collaborating with you.

You will first be presented with a form for the special education teacher's information. After you complete that form and press the Register button, you will be presented with a form for the collaborating mathematics teacher's information. Complete the second form as well. Only when both forms are complete will you be registered for the workshop.

You must have all of the above information for both people before trying to register. When you have this information collected, click here to register.