Holiday Inn North - Lexington, KY

Tentative Agenda


July 6, Wednesday

2-5 Poster Set Up

4-6 Registration

5-6 Hospitality Room with Cash Bar

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Program: Welcome and Introductions


Dr. Luther S. Williams

William T. Kemper Director of Education and Interpretation, Missouri Botanical Gardens ,St. Louis ,MO; former Assistant Director of NSF Education and Human Resources at the inception of the Rural Systemic Initiatives

8:30 Social (Dessert /Cash Bar)



July 7, Thursday

7:00 Registration

7:00 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 General Session Remarks by Kris Kimel, KSTC President

8:40 Faces of Appalachia - a pictorial representation

portraying changes in the Appalachian Region during the past decade

9:30 1 RC Presentation Kim

10:00 Break

10:20 1 Hr Concurrent Sessions

11:25 General Session Remarks by Dr. Lura (Jody) Chase

NSF Program Officer, Rural Systemic Initiatives and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUP) Program

Testimonials: What Has Worked Audience Participation.

Facilitator Wimberly Royster

12:25 Lunch

1:25 General Session Sound Science

Sheryl Mercier

Be prepared for a fun-filled, frolicking romp through the physics of sound with Sheryl Mercier who is author and illustrator of many AIMS books, an author of the 2005 Scott Foresman Elementary Science series, and co-author/ illustrator of Rising to the Challenge of the National Science Standards (Primary and Intermediate Levels).

2:30 1 Hr Concurrent Sessions

3:30 Break

3:50 2 RC Presentations Al and Carter


5:00 - 6:30 Early Dinner (composed or finger foods, drinks and cash bar)


July 8, Friday

7:00 Registration Denise and Lynn

7:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:30 2 RC Presentations Terry and Brenda

9:30 Break

9:50 General Session - Mark St. John

10:50 Break

11:10 Lunch Special Recognitions by Wimberly and Steve

With the RC Coordinators