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This page contains unmoderated information posted by teacher partners participating in the Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative (ARSI).  The views expressed on this page are not necessarily those of ARSI or its staff, nor does ARSI necessarily endorse or recommend any information contained on this page.  Further, ARSI has no control over, and can not attest to the quality or suitability of, the content of web sites linked to from this page.

AAAS Science Books and Videos
Absurd Math
Adventure in Botany
ARSI-UK Library
Beakman's Place
Brain and Spinal Cord
Bridging the Watershed
Cell Division and Movement
CNN's Sci-Tech
Color Math Pink
Computer generated puzzles
Cool Science
Cool Science For Curious Kids
Developmental Approaches in Science, Health and Technol
Dragonfly TV
Drinking Water: Kids' Stuff
Earth Science Curriculum Pilot Opportunity
Education Web Adventures
Elementary Math Teachers
Elementary School Level Math Software
Endangered Species
Event-Based Science
Figure This
Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching
Foundations of Science
Frank Potter's K-College Math Site
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Games for kids
Geometry Activities from University of Minnesota
Geometry for All Ages (6-8)
Geometry for All Ages (9-12)
Geometry for All Ages (P-5)
Global Human Traits Survey
Graphing Calculator Activities
Graphing Calculators Guide
Great Explorations in Math and Science
Habitat Ecology Learning Program
Hands-On Universe and Hands-On Solar System
High School Level Math Software
History of Math
HS Science Teachers Free Science Posters and Teacher Gu
Human Genome Project
Interactive Chemistry Toolbox
Interactive Periodic Table
Interactive Periodic Table
Internet Astronomy School
K-12 NSF-sponsored Science Curriculum
Kids 2000: Science
KidsWeb Science Section
Leon The Chameleon
Math Baseball
Math Brain Teasers and Puzzles
Math Cats
Math Central
Math Curriculum Outline (Kentucky)
Math Forum - Algebra
Math Forum - Calculus
Math Forum - Discrete Math
Math Forum - Geometry
Math Forum - Probablity and Statistics
Math Goodies
Math Journal
Math Never Dies
Math Online
Math, Science & Technology Lessons
Mathematics Curriculum Center
Mathematics of Cartography
Mathematics of Cartography
MathMol Science (Grades 3-5)
Mega Math Networks
Middle School Level Math Software Sites
Minnesota Internet Site
Modeling Instruction in High School Physics
Moon Phase Calculator (MPC) for Teachers
NASA Connect
NASA Kentucky Educational Resource Center
National Geographic Society
NCTM's Academy
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
NSF Funded High School Instructional Materials
Ohio Math Works
Outline Maps
Pathways to School Improvement
PBS Math TeacherSource
PBS Science TeacherSource
PBS Scienceline
PEAnut Geometry Activities
Professor Bubble
Read to Succeed in Science and Math: A Bibliography
Recommended Library Books for Elementary Math
Recommended Library Books for High School Math
Recommended Library Books for Middle School Math
Recommended Math Manipulatives
Recommended Trade Books for Science K-12
Recommended Videos and Software
Resource on Physics
Roots and Shoots
Saving Sea Turtles
Science Education Index
Science Education Suppliers Guide from NSTA
Science K-12
Science Lessons 4-8
Sense and Dollars
Show-Me Center
Space/Weather/Earth/and Oceans
Stellar Site
Sunflower Science Discovery Curriculum for Children
Supplemental Instructional Materials
TeacherVision Resource Page
TERC Science Curriculum Units
The Gateway to Educational Materials
The Human Genome Project
The Learning Kingdom
The Math File Game Show
The NASA  "Why?"  Files
The Particle Adventure
The Space Place
The Thinking Fountain
The Ultimate Periodic Chart
The Why Files
Through the Glass Wall
Tools for Understanding Mathematics
USA Today Education Page
Videos for Loan
Water On The Web
Where in the World Are You?
Yahooigan's Science Homework Helper
Yahooigan's Math Homework
Yahooligans: Best Site for Kids
Yucky Site

Free Stuffs
"25 Ways to Use Origami in the Classroom"
A Guide to Gender Fair Education in Science and Math
Algebra with the TI-83+: A Free Video Tutorial
ChemMatters Quarterly Magazine
Content to Win Wireless Computer Lab
Find Out Why
Free Digital Camera or Microscope Camera from Intel
Free Scholarship Search
Free Videos for Elementary and Secondary Programs
Freeware (software that's FREE!)
Galapagos Undersea Volcanoes
Genetic Basics
Graphing Calculators in Middle Grades-Resource Guide
Hands-On Plastics-A Scientific Investigation Kit
Helping Your Child Learn Math
HowStuff Works Express
Laboratory Safety Guidelines
Laboratory Safety Training
Making Sense of Integrated Science-A Guide for HS
Mathematics Cartoons
National Science Foundation
PEAnut Software for Windows
Profiles in Science:
Projector System Contest
Science Screen Report and Science Screen Report for Kid
Show Me Center
StarOffice Software
Studying the Moon- Free Technology Rich Lessons!
TERC Science Curriculum Units
TI Middle School Newsletter
Water Education Models Available for Loan

Diagnostic Tests for Mathematics
Educational Testing Service: Office of Disability Polic
Enhancing Inquiry Through Formative Assessment
Exit Checklist
Formative Assessment
Help for Creating Rubrics
Improving CTBS Scores in Mathematics
International Math Olympiads Problems Released
Open Response and Mulitiple Choice Released Items
Open-Ended Response Questions (Math)
Performance Assessment Links in Science
Ron Pelfrey´s CTBS Test-Taking Strategies
Rubric Design Checklist
Sample Open-Ended Journal Prompts Grades 1-8
Task Design Checklist for Open-Ended Questions
The TIMSS Report On-Line

Hot Links
Data Sites
4000 Years of Women in Science
Amazing Space
Baseball Data
Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology
Bridging the Watershed
CBS Sportsline
CIA - World Factbook
Dice Simulation
Discovery Channel Online
Earthquake Data Center
Finite Math
Fossils found in Kentucky
General Chemistry Online
GLOBE: Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the
Hubble Images
Kentucky Climate Data
NASA Earth Observatory
NASA Web Site
National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center
Rocks and Minerals found in Kentucky
SAT Math
Science Learning Network
The Data and Story Library (DASL)
The Human Heart
The New Millennium Observatory (NeMO)
Titanic Data
UN Atlast of the Oceans
WV Geological & Economic Survey Web Site

Beyond Discovery: Path from Research to Human Benefit
Calculus 2
Centers for Disease Control
Education Index Math Section
Famous Math Problems
Gender Equity
How to effectively display math notation online
Marine Ecology
MathGate - Algebra
MathGate - General Math
MathGate - Geometry
MathGate - Probability and Statistics
Monsanto (Pharmacia)
More on the Web
National Institute of Health
National Science Foundation
Planetarium Locator
Relevant (High School) Chemistry Resources on the Web
Science Whatzit!
Student Resources
The Natural World of North America
Third International Math and Science Study
US Department of Education
Weather Related Activities
WV Highlands Conservancy Speakers Bureau

Lesson Plans
Adding Real Numbers
Creating Box and Whisker Plots
Critical Thinking Skills with Math Stories
Earth Day
Galapagos Undersea Volcanoes
Hands-on Experiments to Test for Acid Mine Drainage
Healthy Teeth
Insects in the classroom - Choose an Insect
Insects in the classroom - Flour Beetles
Insects in the classroom - Termite Trails
Lesson Plans for Teaching Fractions
Math Forum - Algebra
Math Forum - Calculus
Math Forum - Discrete Math
Math Forum - Geometry
Math Forum - Probability and Statistics
Math Forum Lesson Plan Collection for Elementary School
Math Forum Lesson Plan Collection for High School
Math Forum Lesson Plan Collection for Middle School
Math Never Dies
Math, Science & Technology Lessons
Mathematics of Cartography
Mega Mathematics
NASA Explores
Nuclear Chemistry Resource
PEAnut Geometry Activities
Problem Solving
Rock Hounds with Rocky
Science Activities for Curious Kids
Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement
Science Content Learning Segments
Science Education Site
Science NetLinks
Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids
Space Day Design Challenges
Sports Science
TeacherVision Science Page
TeacherVision, Math Page
Tetra Aquademics™ Aquarium Lessons (Math)
Tetra Aquademics™ Aquarium Lessons (Science)
The Atoms Family
The Biology Project
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Tour of Fractions
Weather and The Weather Classroom
Weather with the TI-82

Virtual Trips
Glacier National Park Electronic Field Trip
Earth and Space Science
Micro Worlds
Panda Exhibit at Atlanta Zoo
Swarthmore Middle School Field Trips
Virtual Field Trip to Natural Bridge, KY
Virtual Field Trip to Reelfoot Lake
Virtual Field Trips for Elementary School Students
Virtual Trip to Smithsonian Institute Zoo

Online Collaborations
Access excellence
Acid Rain Study
ARSI Acid Rain Project
Challenger Learning Center
EPA Sun Wise Project
Math Forum
Monarch Watch
Online Science-athon
Schoolyard Ecosystems
Science and Math Data Projects
The CERES S'COOL Project Sponsored by NASA

Educational Organizations
34 Science NetLinks
Appalachian Educational Laboratory (AEL)
Appalachian Technology in Education Consortium (ATEC)
Astronomy Education at NRAO
Bell Atlantic World School
Center for Science Education (EDC)
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)
eSchool News School Funding Center
Exemplary and Promising Mathematics Programs
Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry (IFI)
GeoScience Education in West Virginia
Hawaii Networked Learning Communities
HowStuffWorks Express
Information on U.S. Department of Education Initiatives
Inverness Research Associates
Kentucky Department of Education
Mathematics of Cartography
Model of Rural Education
National Science Foundation (NSF)
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Resource Center
Regional Educational Service Agency, I
Regional Educational Service Agency, II
Regional Educational Service Agency, III
Regional Educational Service Agency, IV
Regional Educational Service Agency, V
Regional Educational Service Agency, VII
Regional Educational Service Agency, VIII
School Grants
Space Awareness Alliance (SAA)
Tennessee Department of Education
The Evaluation Center (U. Michigan)
The Health Sciences and Technology Academy (HSTA)
The Rural School and Community Trust
Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Education Alliance
West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation
West Virginia Reinventing Education

Open-Ended Grants
$500 Grants for Elementary Teachers
Aerospace Education Foundation
Alcoa Foundation
Allstate Foundation
American Honda Foundation Grants
Ashland Inc. Foundation
AT&T Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Captain Planet Foundation
Charles G. Koch Foundation
Coca-Cola Grant Opportunity
Compu-Teach Partnership Grant
Danforth Foundation
Ethyl Corporation
Exxon Education Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Growth Initiatives For Teachers
Innovative, Learning and Leadership Grants
Jordan Fundamentals Grant
KMart's Leaders in Learning
Lockheed Martin Corp. Foundation
Lowe's Outdoor Classroom Grant
Mars Foundation
Mobil Foundation
NSTA Science Teaching Award
Presidential Award for Excellent M&S Teaching
RGK Foundation Grants for K-12 programs
School Grants
Tandy Corporation
Toshiba America Foundation
Toshiba Science and Math Grant
Toyota Motor Sales
William F. and Edith R. Meggers Award

ARSI Staff
Central Office
Marshall University
Ohio University
University of Kentucky
University of Tennessee
University of Virginia's College at Wise
Participating Districts
Adams County/Ohio Valley Local (OH)
Adams Educ Srv Ctr (OH)
Alvin C York Institute (TN)
Barbour Co (WV)
Bath Co (KY)
Boone Co (WV)
Campbell Co (TN)
Casey Co (KY)
Clay Co (WV)
Clinton Co (KY)
Cocke Co (TN)
Corbin Ind (KY)
Cumberland Co (KY)
Dickenson Co (VA)
Fayette Co (WV)
Fentress Co (TN)
Floyd Co (KY)
Floyd Co (KY)
Graham Co (NC)
Hancock Co (TN)
Johnson Co (KY)
Johnson Co (TN)
Knott Co (KY)
Lee Co (VA)
Leslie Co (KY)
Letcher Co (KY)
Lewis Co (KY)
Lincoln Co (KY)
Lincoln Co (WV)
Logan Co (WV)
McCreary Co (KY)
McDowell Co (WV)
Meigs Eastern Local (OH)
Meigs Local (OH)
Menifee Co (KY)
Morgan Co (KY)
Morgan Educ Srv Ctr (OH)
Morgan Local (OH)
MU Resource Collaborative (WV)
Oneida City (TN)
OU Resource Collaborative (OH)
Owsley Co (KY)
Perry Co (KY)
Pike Eastern Local (OH)
Pikeville Independent (KY)
Powell Co (KY)
Roane Co (WV)
Rockcastle Co (KY)
Rowan Co (KY)
Scott Co (TN)
Southern Local (OH)
Southern Local (OH)
Swain Co (NC)
UK Resource Collaborative (KY)
UT Resource Collaborative (TN)
Vinton County Local (OH)
Waverly City (OH)
Wayne Co (KY)
Whitley Co (KY)
Wise Co (VA)
Wolfe Co (KY)
State Agencies
Kentucky Department of Education
Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Department of Education

Community Engagement
Community Engagement Organizations
Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education
Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education, Inc.
Appalachia Educational Laboratory (AEL)
Benton Foundation
Center for a New American Dream
Education Commission of the States
Families and Work Institute
Foundation for Excellent Schools
Hand in Hand
Mid-Atlantic Laboratory for Student Success (LSS)
Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL)
National Association of Partners in Education
National Community Education Association
National Network of Partnership Schools
National Senior Service Corps
New Parents Network
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)
Northeast and Islands Lab at Brown University (LAB)
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL)
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL)
Parent Action
Parent Information Center
Parents for Public Schools
Phi Delta Kappa International
Public Education Network
SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education (SERVE)
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL)
The Betty Phillips Center for Parenthood Education
The Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc.
The National Parent Teacher Association
The Parent Leadership Project

Community Engagement Materialss
10 Expectations Parents Should Have About Their Child's
Annenberg/CPB Projects Learner Online
Center for Civic Education
Center for Civic Education
Center On School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Comer School Development Program
Comer School Development Program
Ed for Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs
Lessons Learned from the Community Engagement Process
Parents as Teachers National Center
PRISM Parent Outreach Kit
Rethinking Schools
The Center for the Study of Parent Involvement
Women’s Educational Equity Resource Center

Professional Growth
Professional Organizations
American Mathematical Society
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Kentucky Science Teachers Association
Mathematical Association of America - Kentucky Section
National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
National Education Association (NEA)
National Institute for Science Education (NISE)
National Middle Level Science Teachers Association
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
National Staff Development Council
Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Science Education Council of Ohio
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Virginia Association of Science Teachers
Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics
West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics(WVCTM)
West Virginia Science Teachers Association (WVSTA)

Audio Journal of Education
KIDSGARDEN Free Newsletter
Mathematically Sane
Mathematics Teaching
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
Science and Children
Science Scope
Science Teacher
Teacher Learning in Context:
Teacher Partner Profile
Teaching Children Mathematics

Gateway Performance Indicators: Biology I and Algebra
K-12 Science Framework (TN)
K-8 Mathematics Framework (TN)
Kentucky Program of Studies
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Proficiency in Mathematics
Proficiency In Science
Secondary Mathematics Framework (TN)
Summary of NCTM Mathematics Curriculum
Summary of NCTM Principles and Standards
Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
WV Math & Science Instructional Goals K-8
WV Math Instructional Goals & Objectives 9-12
WV Science Instructional Goals & Objectives 9-12

Science Training on the Program and Studies and CC 4.1
Elementary Teachers Needed
Environmental Science Summer Institute
Global Connections Online
Virtual Mathematics Academy

About ARSI
About ARSI
Year 4 Progress Report
Meeting Materials
ARSI Conference Proceedings
Proceedings of the ARSI Celebration
Using the Student Data Tool in Access


News Items
2003 ARSI/AMSP Summer Academy
2004 ARSI Summer Academy
Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership
ARSI Celebration
ARSI Leadership Academy for School Principals
ARSI School District in Spotlight for Technology
Master Teacher Year 1 Update
MU ARSI Principal Nominated for 2002 Premiere Principal
Nominees Sought for NSF Distinguished Teaching Awards
Noyce Scholarship
Univ of Ky Math and Science Project Seeks Parents
Year 8 Annual Progress Report

Recent Updates


Resource Collaboratives
Marshall University
Ohio University
University of Kentucky
University of Tennessee
University of Virginia's College at Wise