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This page contains unmoderated information posted by teacher partners participating in the Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative (ARSI).  The views expressed on this page are not necessarily those of ARSI or its staff, nor does ARSI necessarily endorse or recommend any information contained on this page.  Further, ARSI has no control over, and can not attest to the quality or suitability of, the content of web sites linked to from this page.

Virtual Field Trip to Natural Bridge, KY
Included in the virtual field trip is a map of the field-trip area, a discussion of the general geology of the area, photographs and illustrations of geologic features that can be seen along the trail route, and pertinent references that can be used to help explain the geology of the trail route.

You can select views from a trail route, or scroll down the list of photographs and illustrations. The virtual field trips can be used to visit parts of the state you are unable to visit, or can be used as a trip planner, to help teachers and trip leaders better explain the geology that can be seen, when they make the trip themselves.

Astro-Venture, by NASA's educational Web site NASA Quest, is a wonderfully done interactive multimedia activity for students in grades 5-8. Consisting of nine modules, the activity takes participants through the process of training for and building a planet with the necessary characteristics for human habitation. They learn the astronomy, geology, atmospheric science, and biology needed to complete individual missions and ultimately build a planet. Students will enjoy spending the time needed to complete the sensory rich activities and learn a tremendous amount along the way. This site is also reviewed in the June 14, 2002 NSDL Physical Science Report.

Micro Worlds
Tour of current research at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source and explore structures.

Earth and Space Science
First rate trip through earth and space science by means of multimedia exhibits.

Virtual Field Trip to Reelfoot Lake

Virtual Trip to Smithsonian Institute Zoo
This site allows viewing of animals via a live camera feed.

Glacier National Park Electronic Field Trip
The Glacier National Park Electronic Field Trip is an online event designed to allow K-12 students an opportunity to communicate with field scientists and National Park Service staff at Glacier Nat'l. Park, Montana.

Even though this event was held Feb. 23-24, 2000, you can still view the trip by going to the web site at the end. If you have RealPlayer, you can also hear the scientists explain about the glaciers. For information on trips coming up, E-mail Eve Dixon at

Swarthmore Middle School Field Trips
A site offering links to virtual field trips and fun sites for middle school math.

Virtual Field Trips for Elementary School Students
A list of virtual field trips related to mathematics.

Panda Exhibit at Atlanta Zoo
Tour the panda exhibit at the Atlanta Zoo, including 14 live camera shots.

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