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Proceedings of the ARSI Celebration
The final Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative summer conference, "The ARSI Celebration" was held July 6-8, 2005. The event included plenary speakers and concurrent sessions which both described ARSIís decade long success and pointed to new directions for sustaining its progress. The Proceedings includes summaries of the concurrent sessions, important articles focusing on rural education in the Appalachian region, and "memories" from each of the five Resource Collaboratives.

To obtain your copy of the proceedings, please e-mail Linda Griffin at or contact the ARSI office at (859) 255-3511.

ARSI Conference Proceedings

Understanding Achievement in Science and Mathematics in Rural Schools

Conference Proceedings Edited by Stephen A. Henderson
May 22 - 23, 2001

Arsi,Pp. 3, Royster.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 4, Foreword.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 5, Introduction.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 6, A Strategy.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 7-10, Identifying The Next Steps.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 11-16, Howley.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 17-24, Harmon.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 25-29, Yager.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 30-33, McKnight.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 34-38, Lemke.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 39-41, Eller.pdf
Arsi,Pp. 42-48, Kifer.pdf

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Using the Student Data Tool in Access
This handout gives step-by-step instructions for using Access and Excel to explore a district's 2002 accessment data. This handout was given out at the UK Resource Collaborative's December 2002 teacher partner meeting.

This meeting focused on using Access and Excel to answer questions that were too complicated to be answered using the Kentucky Department of Education's (KDE) Student Development Tool (SDT). Teachers had already learned how to use the the student data tool to explore their district's 2002 assessment data earlier this fall.

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