Kentucky ForestWatch

KENTUCKY FORESTWATCH is a coalition of individuals representing themselves and citizen's groups across the state which advocates management for healthy, sustainable forests in Kentucky.

Kentucky ForestWatch Issues

Guiding Principles:

  1. Forests are essential to planetary health and survival of homo sapiens and all other species.
  2. All species, including communitites of species, have the right to exist in their native habitat.
  3. Forest resources are finite.
  4. Commodity extraction and human manipulation have rendered the forest fragile.
  5. In order for the integrity of the forest and all life forms to be preserved, human consumption and expansion must be reduced, current forest management practices must be altered, and recovery plans for restoring the ecological viability of the forest must be implemented.

Given these principles, our positions include:
  1. End commercial logging and all other forms of commodity extraction on public land.
  2. Ban Off Road Vehicle use and other forms of high-impact recreation on public land.
  3. Recover declining and extirpated species. Maintain viable populations of all native species.
  4. Promote sustainable silvicultural practices on private forestland.
  5. Any forest management plans for private land should include the following:
  6. Encouragement of joint forest management project/programs between the U.S. Forest Service and private landowners for management of private landholdings.
  7. Encouragement of programs which provide incentives for the conservation of privately-owned forests and for the restoration and protection of native ecosystems and natural levels of biodiversity.

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