Bluegrass Medical Libraries











Article I. Name

  1. The name of the organization is the Bluegrass Medical

Article II. Objectives

  1. The purpose of the organization is to serve as a channel of
      communication among members. The objectives of the
      Bluegrass Medical Libraries are:

         a. To foster professional growth and provide a forum for the
             exchange of ideas.

         b. To share resources reciprocally among members. Abuse
             of loan privileges (i.e. obtaining items for profit) shall result
             in loss of said privileges.

         c. To actively promote quality health care in Kentucky
             through access to health sciences information.

Article III. Membership

  1. Membership is open to institutions and individuals actively
      engaged in library and information sciences work in a health
      science setting in Kentucky. Other individuals outside the
      area may request membership.  
          a.  There are two levels of membership:  Institutional and

  2. Institutional members may join on behalf of their institution.
      Institutional members are required to provide one
      name/contact person as their designated voting member and
      official representative.  All other employees of the Institution
      are eligible for full participation in BML activities (such as
      attending meetings and CE programs, participating in
      discussion lists, etc.), but are not eligible to vote, nor run for

          a.  Institutional members agree that his or her library/facility
               will share resources at no cost to other Institutional

  3. Individuals may join as a Personal member whether or not
      their institution is already represented.  Personal members are
      eligible to vote, run for office, serve on committees, and
      participate fully in all BML activities (such as attending
      meetings and CE programs, participating in discussion lists,

          a.  Personal members may contact other BML members to
               develop individual interlibrary loan agreements. 
               However, Institutional members are under no obligation
               to provide free resources to Personal members, nor are
               Personal members required to reciprocate with

  4. Rights and privileges

        a. Only Personal and Institutional members in good standing,
            certified by the Secretary/Treasurer as having paid dues,
            shall have the right to vote. 

                  1)  Each Personal member shall have but one vote.

                  2)  Each Institutional member shall have but one vote,
                       cast by its designated representative.

        b. The Institutional member's right to vote can be delegated to
            another member by written proxy which is nontransferable.

  5. Dues

        a. Dues for Institutional members are $25.00 annually,
            payable in January.

        b. Dues for Personal members are $10.00 annually,
            payable in January.

  6. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

Article IV. Officers

  1. Elected Officers

        a. The elected officers shall be the President and the

        b. A member (either Personal or Institutional) in good
            standing shall be appointed by the President to represent
            the Bluegrass Medical Libraries at the Kentucky Council
            of Health Science Libraries and shall be reimbursed from
            the BML funds for in-state travel expenses incurred in
           doing so. This representative shall not be representing
           another organization of the Council concurrently.

  2. Election and Term of Office

        a. The nominating committee shall be the President and the

        b. Any member (either Personal or Institutional) in good
            standing may be elected to office. 

        c. The nominating committee shall submit a slate of
            candidates to be mailed with the November meeting
            agenda. Nominations may also be made from the floor at
            the time of election.

        d. Election shall be made by affirmation unless there are
            nominations from the floor, in which case, the election
            shall be by written ballot at the November meeting. A
            simple majority vote of the membership is required for
            election to office.

        e. Officers are elected for a two year term (calendar years). 
             President and Secretary/Treasurer are elected in
             alternating years.  

  3. Duties of Elected Officers

        a. President: the President shall preside at regular and
            special meetings of the Bluegrass Medical Libraries, and
            shall have the authority to confirm committee membership
            and committee chairmanships, and shall perform all other
            duties usually associated with the office of the President.
            Such duties include planning and chairing programs and
            meetings of the group. In the event of the resignation of
            the President, the Secretary/Treasurer will become
            President, and the new President will appoint a
           Secretary/Treasurer. In the event of the resignation of any
           member on a committee, the President shall appoint a
           member in good standing to fill the unexpired term.

       b. Secretary/Treasurer: the Secretary/Treasurer shall
           maintain all records of the BML, including membership roll
           and minutes of all meetings; as well as be responsible for
           notification of members of all meetings and
           announcements. He/she shall be responsible for receipt
           and disbursement of all BML funds. In the event of the
           resignation of the Secretary/Treasurer, the President shall
           appoint a new Secretary/Treasurer.

       c. Travel Reimbursement: elected officers may receive
           reimbursement from BML for travel for official duties, if
           such expenses are not covered by their own institutions.
           Mileage reimbursement of 30 cents per mile shall be
           covered. Other expenses shall be considered and
           approved by the entire membership.

Article V. Meetings

  1. Meeting Dates: The meetings shall be scheduled bimonthly
      on the second Tuesday of that month. If there is a diversion
      from this schedule, members will be notified by mail at least
      three weeks before the meeting.

  2. Notification of Meetings: The Secretary/Treasurer shall mail
      the minutes of the previous meeting with the agenda for the
      forthcoming meetings at least two weeks prior to the meeting
      date. Members who do not attend will receive minutes and
      other pertinent information.

  3. Time and Location of Meetings: Meetings shall be held at the
      noon hour as a luncheon meeting. The luncheon meetings
      shall be held in a restaurant in a private or semi-private
      setting, or shall be hosted at a member’s institution.

  4. Decision Making: Decisions shall be made by a simple
      majority of those present at the meeting.

  5. Attendance: Members are encouraged to attend at least one
      meeting a year.

Article VI. Committees

  1. Committees shall be established as needed. Members of the
       committees shall volunteer or be appointed.

  2. Only members (Personal or Institutional) in good standing
       shall be allowed to serve on committees.

Article VII. Publications

  1. The membership/directory will be prepared by the

  2. The Union List of Serials:

      a. The union list will be updated biannually. This includes both
          the union list itself, and on the web page hosted by the
          Eastern Kentucky Health Sciences Information Network
          (EKHSIN) at Morehead State University.

      b. Hard copies of the union list will be distributed upon
          request only to BML members. Exceptions will be
         discussed and voted upon by members.

Article VIII. Amendments

  1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the
      Institutional members in attendance at any general meeting,
      provided that the membership has been notified with the call
      to meeting notice that an amendment will be considered.

  2. The last meeting of the calendar year shall be designated as
      a time for review of the bylaws.

Revised 3/02