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The Canadian Studies Online Program

The Canadian Studies Online Program (CSOP) was created in 2001 to promote our understanding of our North American neighbor: who they are, what we share in common, and what makes us different in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The CSOP is operated by the Kentucky Canadian Studies Consortium whose members are Eastern Kentucky University, Georgetown College, University of Kentucky, Morehead State University, and Western Kentucky University. William Green has written about the origins and development of the Canadian Studies Online Program in his "Creating a Canadian Studies Online Program," which appeared in the Fall 2004 Canadian Studies Update.

Canadian Studies Faculty

William Green
Professor of Government
Morehead State University
Canadian Studies Online Program Coordinator

Terri Friel
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Butler University

Jason Holcomb
Assistant Professor of Geography
Morehead State University

Gary O'Dell
Assistant Professor of Geography
Morehead State University

John Petersen
Professor of Political Science
Western Kentucky University

Steve Savage
Professor of Anthropology
Eastern Kentucky University

Harold Tallant
Professor of History
Georgetown College

Ernest J. Yanarella
Professor of Political Science
University of Kentucky

2005-06 Canadian Studies Courses

As a student at a Kentucky Canadian Studies Consortium (KCSC) campus in 2005-06, you will be able take an introductory course, "Perspectives on Canada," and advanced courses on Canadian history, government, civil liberties, environmental policy, economic life, and social and cultural issues offered by KCSC faculty. Some of these courses will focus exclusively on Canada while others will study Canada in comparative and international perspective with an emphasis on Canada's relationship with the United States. If you would like more information about the courses, you may click on the links below for the course descriptions and faculty information. Then examine your campus distance learning course schedule and the follow the instructions for registering on your home campus.

Summer 2005 Courses

Fall 2005 Courses

Spring 2006 Courses

Campus-Based Canadian Studies Program

You may take Canadian Studies Online Program courses as undergraduate minor or certificate program or as graduate education courses at your Kentucky Canadian Studies Consortium campus. At Morehead State University and the University of Kentucky, you can take Canadian Studies courses and receive a Canadian Studies minor and certificate. At Georgetown College, you make take Canadian Studies courses and receive credit towards a Master of Arts in Teaching.

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