Brugge (Bruges)

4-6 August 2003

Heat wave continues! I arrived at the Brugge train station in the morning. I walked to the tourist information office in the center of old town (the one in the train station was closed). There, they booked a room for me at Hotel Salvators ( There was no air conditioning in the rooms, but there was an oscillating fan and a window that could be opened. Under normal circumstances, air conditioning would not be necessary. I found very useful the computer with free internet access! They had a small bar that some of the locals went to; I made several friends there and got lots of tips on restaurants, beer, lace and chocolate. Interesting paintings and surroundings.

The first day here was Black Monday; all the museums were closed. So I walked the streets once again using the guidebook, "Rick Steves' Amsterdam, Bruges and Brussels, 2003" by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw (Avalon Travel). I love his comments. The next day was my museum day.

Tuesday was my museum day (I arrived on Black Monday when the museums were closed). I went to the tourist information office and bought a CombiTicket for 15 Euros. This gave me entrance to five museums from a list of several. More information about the museums of Brugge can be found at I went to the following. There are more than five here and I had to pay for some of them. I didn't understand the system at first and got into some of the museums with the ticket when I shouldn't have. I thought I could go to ALL the museums on the list, not just five.

  1. Arenthuis (Brangwynmuseum)

  2. Basilica of the Holy Blood, see their website,

  3. Belfort or Belfry Tower

  4. Brugse Vrije (Renaissance Hall)

  5. Church of Our Lady

  6. Groeninge Museum

  7. Gruuthuse Museum

  8. Memling Museum

  9. Stadhuis (Town Hall)