Field Trip

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Saturday August 1--Winchester Red Algae Field Trip

This month’s field trip is Red Algae outcrop in Winchester. We will meet at 10:00 at the Hardee’s on West Lexington Road (US 60) in Winchester. The nearest exit to I-64 is the mile marker 94 exit. There is a Speedway right at the intersection. Hardee’s is on the right a couple of hundred yards past the turn.We will be collecting many interesting Upper Ordovician fossils near Winchester, including red algae, stromatoporoids, brachiopods, bryozoans, and occasional unusual fossils. Later, we will head about 20 miles east and visit more Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian outcrops near Owingsville that have many unusual fossils. There are several unusual echinoderms in the Lower Silurian Brassfield Formation. Bring a geology hammer and eye protection, containers for specimens, as well as water.