The Nada Member (Borden Formation) of Kentucky: Brachiopoda

by Don R. Chesnut (chesnut<at>
©DRC 2014


Phylum Brachiopoda Duméril, 1806

Class Inarticulata Kuhn, 1949 [using traditional classification]

none listed or found

Class Articulata Huxley 1896 [using traditional classification]

Order Orthida Schuchert and Cooper, 1932

none listed or found

Order Strophomenida Opik, 1934

Suborder Chonetidina Muir-Wood, 1955

Superfamily Chonetacea Bronn, 1862

Family Chonetidae Bronn, 1862

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Suborder Productidina Waagen, 1883

Superfamily Productacea Gray, 1840

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Order Rhynchonellida Kuhn, 1949

none listed or found

Order Spirifrida Waagen, 1883

Suborder Athyrididina Boucot, Johnson, and Staton, 1964

Superfamily Athyridacea M'Coy, 1844

Family Athyrididae M'Coy, 1844

Subfamily Athyridinae M'Coy, 1844

Genus Athyris M'Coy, 1844

Athyris sp.
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Genus Cleiothyridina Buckman, 1906

Cleiothyridina sp.
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Suborder Spiriferidina Waagen, 1883

Superfamily Spiriferacea King, 1846

Family Spiriferidae King, 1846

Genus Spirifer Sowerby, 1816

[The following specimens need to be reassigned to the proper genera and species.]


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Family Brachythyrididae Frederiks, 1919 (1924)

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Superfamily Spiriferinacea Davidson, 1884

Family Syringothyrididae Frederiks, 1926

Subfamily Syringothyridinae Frederiks, 1926

Genus Syringothyris Winchell, 1863

Syringothyris sp.
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Order Terebratulida Waagen, 1883

none listed or found