The Sloans Valley Member (Paragon Formation) of Kentucky: Brachiopoda

by Don R. Chesnut (chesnut<at>
©DRC 2014

Phylum Brachiopoda Duméril, 1806

Class Inarticulata Kuhn, 1949 [using traditional classification]

Order Acrotretida Kuhn, 1949

Suborder Acrotretidina Kuhn, 1949

Superfamily Discinacea Gray, 1840

Family Discinidae Gray, 1840

Subfamily Orbiculoideinae Schuchert and LeVene, 1929

Genus Orbiculoidea d'Orbigny, 1847

Orbiculoidea sp.

Suborder Craniidina Waagen, 1885

Superfamily Craniacea Menke, 1828

Family Craniidae Menke, 1828

Genus Crania Retzius, 1781

Crania chesterensis Miller and Gurley
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Class Articulata Huxley 1896 [using traditional classification]

Order Orthida Schuchert and Cooper, 1932

none listed or found

Order Strophomenida Opik, 1934

Suborder Chonetidina Muir-Wood, 1955

Superfamily Chonetacea Bronn, 1862

Family Chonetidae Bronn, 1862

Chonetes chesterensis Weller [need to assign to proper genus.]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Suborder Strophomenidina Opik, 1934

Superfamily Davidsoniacea King, 1850

Family Orthotetidae Waagen, 1884

Subfamily Orthotetinae Waagen, 1884

Genus Orthotetes Fischer de Waldheim, 1829

Orthotetes kaskaskiensis (McChesney, date?)

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Suborder Productidina Waagen, 1883

Superfamily Productacea Gray, 1840

[Need to assign these to the appropriate genera and species.]
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[Need to assign the following to appropriate productacean genera and species.]

Productus ovatus Hall
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Productus pileiformis
[cited by Butts, 1917]

Productus scabriculus Martin?
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Family Productidae Gray, 1840

Genus Diaphragmus Girty, 1910

Diaphragmus sp.
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Diaphragmus elegans var. (Shumard)
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Family Linoproductidae Stehli, 1954

Subfamily Linoproductinae Stehli, 1954

Genus Ovatia Muir-Wood and Cooper, 1960

Ovatia sp.
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Order Rhynchonellida Kuhn, 1949

Superfamily Stenoscismatacea Oehlert,1887 (1883)

Family Stenoscismatidae Oehlert, 1887 (1883)

Camarophoria explanata (McChesney, 1860)
[Need to assign to proper genus.]

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Order Spiriferida Waagen, 1883

Suborder Athyrididina Boucot, Johnson, and Staton, 1964

Superfamily Athyridacea M'Coy, 1844

Family Athyrididae M'Coy, 1844

Subfamily Athyridinae M'Coy, 1844

Genus Eumetria Hall, 1864

Eumetria sp.
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Eumetria vera or verneuliana (Hall)?
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Genus Composita Brown, 1849

Composita sp.
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Genus Cleiothyridina Buckman, 1906

Cliothyridina sublamellosa (Hall?)
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]
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Suborder Spiriferidina Waagen, 1883

Superfamily Spiriferacea King, 1846

Family Spiriferidae King, 1846

Genus Anthracospirifer
Lane, 1963

Anthracospirifer sp.
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Anthracospirifer increbescens (Hall, 1858)
[cited as Spirifer increbescens Hall, by Butts, 1917]
[cited as Spirifer increbescens Hall, by Butts, 1922]

Genus Punctospirifer North, 1920

Punctospirifer sp.

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Genus Reticulariina Frederiks, 1916

Reticulariina sp.

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Superfamily Reticulariacea Waagen, 1883

Family Reticulariidae Waagen, 1883

Genus Reticularia M'Coy, 1844

Reticularia? sp.
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Reticularia setigera Hall
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Order Terebratulida Waagen, 1883

Suborder Terebratulidina Waagen, 1883

Superfamily Dielasmatacea Schuchert, 1913

[One has to see internal structures to make proper identifications for these.]

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Family Cranaenidae Cloud, 1942

Subfamily Girtyellinae Stehli, 1965

Genus Girtyella Weller, 1914

Girtyella cf. brevilobata (Swallow)
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Family Dielasmatidae Schuchert, 1913

Subfamily Dielasmatinae Schuchert, 1913

Genus Dielasma King, 1859

Dielasma cf. formosa (Hall)
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]