The Sloans Valley Member (Paragon Formation) of Kentucky: Mollusca (and other miscellaneous taxa)

by Don R. Chesnut (chesnut<at>
ęDRC 2014
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Phylum Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758

Class Gastropoda Cuvier, 1797

Subclass Prosobranchia Milne-Edwards, 1848

Order Archaeogastropoda Thiel, 1925

Suborder Trochina Cox and Knight, 1960

Superfamily Platuceracea Hall, 1859

Family Platuceratidae Hall, 1879

Genus Platyceras Conrad, 1840
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Platyceras sp.
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Suborder Bellerophontina Thiele, 1925

Family Bellerophontidae M'Coy, 1851

Subfamily Bellerophontinae M'Coy, 1851

Genus Bellorophon Montfort, 1808

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Class Bivalvia Linnaeus, 1758

Subclass Palaeotaxodonta Korobkov, 1954

Order Nuculoida Dall, 1889

Superfamily Nuculanacea Adams and Adams, 1858

Family Nuculanidae Adams and Adams, 1858

nuculanid on left, nuculid on right
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Superfamily Nuculacea Gray, 1824

Family Nuculidae Gray, 1824

[see above]

Class Cephalopoda Cuvier, 1797

Subclass Nautiloidea Agassiz, 1847

orthocone nautiloid
[cited as Orthoceras sp. (small simple type) by Butts, 1917]
[cited as Orthoceras sp. (small simple type) by Butts, 1922]

Non-molluscan Taxa

Spirorbis sp.
[cited by Butts, 1917]
[cited by Butts, 1922]