The Somerset Shale Member (Salem Limestone) of Kentucky: Arthropoda

by Don R. Chesnut (chesnut<at>
ęDRC 2014

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Phylum Arthropoda von Siebold, 1848

Supersubphylum Euarthropoda Lankester, 1904

Subphylum Trilobitomorpha Stormer, 1944

Class Trilobita Walch, 1771

Order Ptychopariida Swinnerton, 1915

Suborder Illaenina Jaanusson, 1959

Superfamily Proetacea Oehlert, 1886

Family Phillipsadae Portlock, 1843

Genus Griffithides author

?Griffithides sp.
[cited by Feldman, 1984]

Griffithedes [sic] bufo Meek and Worthen?
[cited by Butts, 1922]