The Somerset Shale Member (Salem Limestone) of Kentucky: Cnidaria

by Don R. Chesnut (chesnut<at>
ęDRC 2014
[Many of the following need to be reassigned to the appropriate genera and species.]

Phylum Cnidaria Hatschek, 1888

Class Anthozoa
Ehrenberg, 1834

Subclass Rugosa Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1850

Order Stauriida Verrill, 1865

Suborder Plerophyllina Sokolov, 1960

Family Pentaphyllidae Schindewolf, 1942

Subfamily Pentaphyllinae Schindewolf, 1942

Genus Cystelasma Miller,1891

Cystelasma sp.
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Suborder Stereolasmatina Hill, 1981

Family Hapsiphyllidae Grabau, 1928

Subfamily Hapsiphyllinae Grabau, 1928

Genus Hapsiphyllum Simpson, 1900

Hapsiphyllum cassedayi (Milne-Edwards, 1860)
[cited as Triplophyllum calcariformis (Hall, 1882) by Butts, 1922]
[cited by Feldman, 1984]
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Suborder Metriophyllina Spasskiy, 1965

Family Cyathaxoniidae Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1850

Genus Cyathaxonia Michelin, 1847

[cited by Butts, 1922]

Suborder and Family unidentified

Genus undetermined

Zaphrentis compressa Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1860
[cited as Triplophyllum compressa  by Butts, 1922]

Subclass Tabulata Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1850

Order Auloporida Sokolov, 1947

Superfamily Auloporicae Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1851

Family Family Pyrgiidae de Fromentel, 1861

Genus Cladochonus M'Coy, 1847

Cladochonus agglomerata (Grabau, date?)
[cited as Ceratopora agglomerata Grabau by Butts, 1922]

Cladochonus beecheri (Grabau, 1894)
[cited as Monilipora beecheri Grabau? by Butts, 1922] 
[cited by Feldman, 1984]
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Superfamily Syringoporicae de Fromentel, 1861

Family Syringoporidae de Fromentel, 1861

Genus Syringopora Goldfuss, 1826

Syringopora sp.?
[cited by Butts, 1922]

Syringopora monroensis Beede, 1906
[cited as S. monroense Beede by Butts, 1922]
[cited by Feldman, 1984]

Order Favositida Wedekind, 1937

Suborder Favositina Wedekind, 1937

Superfamily Favositicae Dana, 1846

Family Palaeacidae Roemer,1883

Genus Palaeacis Haime in Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1857

Palaeacis cuniformis Haime, 1857
[cited by Butts, 1922] 
[cited by Feldman, 1984]
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Family Micheliniidae Waagen and Wentzel, 1886

Subfamily Micheliniinae Waagen and Wentzel, 1886

Genus Michelinia de Koninck, 1841

Michelinia sp.?
[cited by Butts, 1922]