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The following links provide additional information about ways that the general public can become more involved in protecting the state's watersheds and more in-depth information about the Kentucky River Basin watershed in particular:

  • Kentucky River Watershed Watch (Kentucky Division of Water Volunteer Website)
    You may register to participate as a volunteer in the Kentucky River Watershed Watch Program at this site. A training workshop and conference schedule is also provided.
  • Watershed Watch in Kentucky
    Provides information about statewide volunteer water quality monitoring and advocacy organization.

    Kentucky Watershed Watch is a volunteer group of more than 1,500 individuals throughout the state of Kentucky who commit time and effort to monitoring water quality and advocating improvement in the state's waterways. Eight local watershed steering committees coordinate the overall organizational effort. These eight local basins coordinate activities statewide through the Inter-basin Coordinating Committee.

    Watershed Watch provides training workshops in basic stream monitoring techniques throughout the state. The organization also periodically sponsors advanced training workshops in water quality monitoring, regulatory processes and watershed science.

    Volunteers currently collect water quality samples from more than 500 monitoring sites across Kentucky. Data results are provided to all project participants, as well as any interested party. Watershed Watch also serves as a source of technical assistance for local watershed groups wanting to address issues raised by their monitoring and assessment efforts.

    Each fall, "Watershed Protection Conferences" are held in each watershed, during which individuals, community organizations, scientific researchers and agency personnel all come together to discuss the condition of the waterways as revealed by annual monitoring. A Watershed Watch Strategic Plan has been developed.

    Volunteers can contribute to Kentucky Watershed Watch by serving as a monitoring volunteer, an organizer, or as a trainer or expert advisor. To join, register on-line or call 1-800-928-0045, Ext 4939. Project coordinators can also be contacted by e-mail.
  • The Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute's Kentucky River Basin Watershed Page
    Provides information about Kentucky River Basin priority watersheds, as well as links to management plans and assessment/status reports for the region.
  • Kentucky River Basin Management Plan
    Presents information and sets forth priorities for watershed management in the Kentucky River Basin.

  • 2010 Integrated Report to Congress on the Condition of Water Resources in Kentucky
    Kentucky has issued the 2010 Integrated Report to Congress on the Condition of Water Resources in Kentucky, which reports on the quality of water in the streams, lakes and reservoirs of all major river basins of the Commonwealth.
    The 2010 report is based primarily on results from monitoring performed between April 2007 and March 2009 in the Big Sandy-Little Sandy-Tygarts and Kentucky River basin management units (BMUs). Monitoring and assessment was performed on 282 stream segments representing 1,157 stream miles in the Big Sandy-Little Sandy-Tygarts BMU and 443 stream segments totaling 2,239 stream miles in the Kentucky River BMU. Publicly accessible reservoirs (lakes) were monitored and assessed from those two BMUs of focus. The report also incorporates assessment data and results from monitoring that occurred during this reporting cycle outside of the BMUs of focus, thus providing a statewide update of monitoring results.
    The 2010 report shows that the two major causes of water bodies not fully supporting uses were sedimentation/siltation and pathogens. The two major sources of these pollutants were runoff from agricultural activities and habitat modification.
  • Kentucky Watershed Viewer
    The Kentucky Watershed Viewer is an online mapping tool that enables Kentuckians to locate the watershed they live in.
  • Kentucky Geological Survey's Detailed Map of the Kentucky River Basin
    Downloadable in electronic format or can be purchased from KGS in a printed, laminated format.
  • Kentucky Waterways Alliance
    The Kentucky Waterways Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to restore and protect Kentucky's waterways.
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