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President Lee Todd appointed a Council on Outreach and Engagement to serve in an advisory role to the Vice President for Academic Outreach and Public Service. The Council consists of faculty and administrators from academic units throughout the university. In addition to the charge given by the President, the Council is expected to assist in promoting the "scholarship of engagement" and service learning among colleagues. The charge given to the council is to:

* Develop a "Plan of Engagement" for the University of Kentucky that becomes part of our core mission.

* Recommend strategies for institutionalizing outreach scholarship in performance evaluation and service learning in the curriculum.

* Identify and prioritize university-wide outreach and engagement activities that focus on the "higher purpose" issues cited in the Top Twenty Report.

* Identify university partnership opportunities with communities, government, business, industry, and community organizations.

Council Members

Co Chairs: Phil Kraemer, Associate Provost
Lori Gonzalez, Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences

James Cibulka, College of Education
Dennis Domer, College of Design
Hazel Forsythe, Nutrition and Food Science
Bill Fortune, College of Law
Phil Greasley, University Extension
Chris Groeber, College of Social Work
Dean Harvey, Central Kentucky Innovation & Commercialization Center, College
of Business and Economics
Kay Hoffman, College of Social Work
Gail Hoyt, College of Business and Economics
G.T. Lineberry, College of Engineering
Geri Maschio, College of Fine Arts
Erla Mowbray, Lexington Community College
Raynor Mullins, Oral Health Science, College of Dentistry
Becky Naugle, Small Business Development Center System, College of Business
and Economics
James Norton, Area Health Education Center
Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, College of Arts and Sciences
Tim Sineath, School of Library and Information Science
Michael D. Smith, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
Marcia K. Stanhope, College of Nursing
Sharon Stewart, College of Health Sciences
Louise Stone, Experiential Education
Larry Turner, Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture
Julie Zimmerman, Department of Community and Leadership Development,
College of Agriculture

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