Pam Harned


Pam Harned
Pam was a classroom teacher for 21 years in high school mathematics, including four years as math department chair. Even though her first love remained classroom instruction, Pam moved to the district level as an assistant superintendent where she supervised kindergarten through high school curriculum and classroom instruction. During her time at the district level, she led a comprehensive district improvement encompassing kindergarten through high school reading and math.

After retiring, Pam began working for the P—12 Math and Science Outreach Unit in 2009 where she has worked with multiple cadres of math and special education teachers. The common goals of all these groups have been to increase teacher mathematics content knowledge and help teachers increase active student participation in their classrooms through the use of research-based instructional and assessment strategies.

Outreach Projects
Special Education Math Cadre (SEMC)
Number Properties and Operations (NPO)
Math Leadership Support Network (MLSN)

  • Mathematics (grades 9-12)
  • Educational Consultant for Pearson for Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (CASL)
  • Specialized work with special education teachers in middle and high school to make math accessible to all students

Degrees and Certifications
  • Bachelor of Arts, Math and Accounting, Western Kentucky University
  • Masters of Arts, Math Education, Western Kentucky University
  • Rank 1, Educational Leadership, Western Kentucky University
  • National Board Certified Teacher, Adolescence and Young Adulthood Mathematics

Awards and Associations
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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