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Instructional Support Leadership Network (ISLN)

Funded by the Kentucky Department of Education

Includes all 176 Kentucky school districts

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  • Provide equal representation to all school districts (i.e., a 'senate' model) to contribute to setting the statewide expectations for and implementation of new standards and assessments
  • Build capacity at the DISTRICT level to understand Kentucky's Core Academic Standards and their implications for instruction and assessment
  • Create a professional learning community of content and administrator leaders
  • Build the capacity of every member to identify and implement highly effective teaching, learning and assessment practices around Kentucky's Core Academic Standards
  • Provide the leadership skills, tools, resources necessary for all members to:
    • break down or deconstruct standards into clear learning targets
    • design/recognize high-quality formative and summative assessments
    • plan/identify rigorous and congruent learning experiences for instruction
    • select evidence-based strategies and resources to enhance instruction
    • support other educators in their districts as they do these same processes


Kim Zeidler-Watters - Director
Diane Johnson - PIMSER Regional Teacher Partner

Other Personnel

Jim Jackson - Higher Education Liaison, University of Kentucky
Jeff Stamper, Greg Finkbonner, Cathy White - Kentucky Department of Education
Karen Kidwell - Network Program Manager, Kentucky Department of Education

For more information on this program, please contact:
Kim Zeidler-Watters, Director

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