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Lens on Mathematical Learning
A collegial approach to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics through Curriculum Topic Study (CTS)


Do your students struggle with certain math concepts and you are unsure why? Are you aware of the learning difficulties that students might have for the concepts in math you teach as you are designing assessments and identifying learning experiences?  CTS is a set of resources developed through a grant from the National Science Foundation that can be used over time by PLCs and teachers to answer these key questions and provide insight into these critical instruction design questions.

Join us as we host this two-day workshop to discover how CTS can be a resource for helping teachers and their professional learning communities at school better meet their student's needs. The facilitators will share their first-hand knowledge of how CTS has impacted not only how they have designed instruction, but also the resulting student learning. Participants will leave with ideas from CTS on a topic of their choice that is either challenging for them as a teacher to facilitate in the classroom or that is consistently difficult for their students.

Experiences in this workshop

  • Participants will use the set of coordinated math materials to help deepen understanding of topics that they teach; a Curriculum Topic Study (CTS). 
  • Two practicing teachers will share how the CTS has impacted their classroom practice and student learning.
  • Participants will develop a better understanding of standards and research on student ideas in math in ways that will help improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Target Audience

Regular or special education math teachers grades 3-12, curriculum coaches, district math supervisors or pd coordinators, College of Education math faculty


Each participant will receive a copy of the Math Curriculum Topics Study Guide. The full resource library that is required to complete topic studies will be offered as a separate fee of $225 and will be delivered to you at the training if you choose to purchase it. Each school only needs one full set of resources if you decide to purchase the entire set (each teacher would not need their own individual set).

There are no trainings currently scheduled.

For More Information

If you are interested in attending this training or delivering it to your school/district, please contact:

Jessica Dutzy, Conference Coordinator

For more information on the program, please contact:
Kim Zeidler-Watters, Director

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