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Rational Number Project (RNP)


The Rational Number Project (RNP) takes a conceptual approach to teaching fractions versus the procedural approach that textbooks provide. The RNP philosophy is that extended periods of time invested with manipulative materials developing concepts, order and equivalence ideas are needed before students can operate on fractions in a meaningful way. The book of fraction lessons that participants will receive is a product of several years of working with children in classrooms with this philosophy.

Participants will learn how to organize instruction using multiple concrete models and applying fraction ideas to real world situations so students develop a deep, conceptual understanding of fractions. The manipulatives used in the training provide students with hands-on experience, while the lessons allow students opportunities to reflect on their thinking about fractions as they try to make sense of the formal symbolic system.

Target Audience

Regular and special education teachers in grades 4-9 who want a more effective way to teach fractions and whose students struggle with understanding fraction concepts.


$400 per participant
Includes meeting space and catering, facilitator's fees, administrative support, and all training materials.

Dates & Locations

There are no workshops currently scheduled.

For More Information

For more information on the program or to inquire about delivering this training to your school and/or district, please contact:
Kim Zeidler-Watters, Director

For more information regarding registration and payments, please contact:
Jessica Dutzy, Conference Coordinator

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