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Styles and Strategies for Teaching Mathematics and Science

This workshop is brought to you through a partnership with Harvey F. Silver, president of Silver Strong & Associates and Thoughtful Education Press.

Dr. Harvey Silver is president of Silver Strong & Associates and Thoughtful Education Press. Dr. Silver was named one of the 100 most influential teachers in the country. He is the author of several educational bestsellers, and co-founded The Thoughtful Classroom, a national movement focused on "making students as important as standards" which is now a renowned professional development program. He has conducted numerous workshops for schools, districts, and state education departments throughout the United States, including the Georgia Critical Thinking Skills Program and the Kentucky Thoughtful Education Teacher Leadership Program.


During this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to The Thoughtful Classroom learning style model and will explore a number of powerful research-based instructional tools and practical techniques to engage and motivate all styles of math learners. Organized around four distinct learning styles - mastery, understanding, self-expressive, and interpersonal - the learning style model allows math teachers to easily incorporate differentiated learning experiences into daily lessons and unit plans regardless of the curriculum. For each style, the authors provide over a dozen "tools," or instructional techniques that are ready to implement, backed by a reliable research base and proven to help students meet rigorous academic standards.

Working in conjunction with local teacher leaders (PIMSER Regional Teacher Partners and Appalachian Teacher Partners), Dr. Silver will present content-specific, interactive two-day sessions: two for math teachers and one for science teachers.

For mathematics teachers - the focus will be on research-based strategies for teaching number properties and operations as it relates to Algebra. The book Math Tools, 64 Ways to Differentiate Instruction and Increase Student Engagement from Thoughtful Education Press will be used as the primary resource during this training.

For science teachers - the focus will be on research-based strategies, specifically for Physics content such as force, motion, and properties of matter. Participants will receive a copy of Strategic Teacher and Tools for Promoting Active, In-Depth Learning from Thoughtful Education Press.

Available Sessions

June 15-16
Mt. Sterling
Reserved spaces for current P-12 Outreach program participants; available for registration to the public April 1.
June 28-29
June 30-July 1

Register Online at rsvpBOOK.com


$350 for all 3 days
($100 for July 7 only)
Includes morning refreshments and lunch, meeting space, facilitator fees, administrative support, and all training materials.

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Kim Zeidler-Watters, Director

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Jessica Dutzy, Conference Coordinator

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