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Understanding Fraction Concepts


Understanding Fraction Concepts (UFC)* takes a conceptual approach to teaching fractions versus the procedural approach that textbooks provide. Participants will learn how to organize instruction using multiple concrete models and applying fraction ideas to real world situations so students develop a deep, conceptual understanding of fractions.

With the adoption of the Common Core Standards for mathematics, the conceptual understanding of fractions will be critical. When students lack this understanding, other learning challenges often occur as they engage in other mathematics learning. The UFC training utilizes manipulative materials to develop student's knowledge of fraction ideas. Because a true understanding of fractions should begin before the intermediate level, Primary Pieces offers K-3 educators practical, concrete models to introduce students to fraction concepts. Order, Equivalence, and Number Sense will help educators in grades 4-9 learn multiple ways to integrate these fraction concepts into their instruction. Participants will receive classroom sets of all training materials so they can immediately use the manipulatives to provide their students with a hands-on learning experience, while the lessons allow students opportunities to reflect on their thinking about fractions as they try to make sense of the formal symbolic system.

Target Audience

Regular or special education math teachers, intervention specialists, math coaches, and other teacher leaders who support mathematics instruction.

Training Level

Grade Level

Primary Pieces
Grades K-3
Order, Equivalence & Number Sense
Grades 4-9
Operations & Decimals
Grades 4-9
Participants must complete Order, Equivalence & Number Sense before taking Operations & Decimals as they are sequential trainings


Available Sessions

Primary Pieces
July 23, 2010
Tolene Pitts, Pam Harned
Order, Equivalence & Number Sense
July 21-23, 2010
Franklin Co.
Terry Parkey, Gloria Beswick
Assisting facilitator, Jamie-Marie Wilder (Appalachian Teacher Partner - Lincoln County), will share her first-hand knowledge and results of implementing this training in her classroom.

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Includes morning refreshments and lunch each day, meeting space, facilitator fees, administrative support, and all training materials.

*Understanding Fraction Concepts is adapted from the Rational Number Project funded by the National Science Foundation and has been offered previously by PIMSER under the titles "Fair Share Fraction Fun" and "Rational Number Project" Levels 1 and 2.

For More Information

For more information on the program or to inquire about delivering this training to your school and/or district, please contact:
Kim Zeidler-Watters, Director

For more information regarding registration and payments, please contact:
Jessica Dutzy, Conference Coordinator

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