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March 2005
Report on Domestic Partnership Benefits
PCD Inclusion Sub-Committee

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Appendix 1 (PDF)
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Appendix 3 (PDF)

2005 University-Wide Diversity Plan Task Force Report to the President
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The President's Commission on Diversity By-Laws, Revised: Nov8th,2007

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PCD Establishes New Resource Library (updated in Oct. 2006)

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President's Commission on Diversity 2007-2008 Annual Report

President's Commission on Diversity 2007-2008 Annual Report (PDF)


Congratulations !!

1. Nirmal Ravi, Graduate Student (MD/PhD) in the College of Medicine and department of Bio-medical Engineering - UK Student Category.

2. Professor, Dr. Joan Callahan, Department of Philosophy/Program in Gender and Women Studies -- UK Faculty Category.

3. Professor, Dr. Karl B. Raitz, Chair, Department of Geography - UK Faculty Category.

4. Professor Dr. Christopher Schardl, Harry E. Wheeler Chair in Plant Mycology -- UK Faculty Category.

5. Ms. Marietta Watts, Training Specialist, Human Resources -- UK Staff Category.

6. Dean, Dr. Jay A. Perman, Dean UK College of Medince-- UK Administrator Category.

7. Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Center (MLKCC)-- Other Individual or Agency in Kentucky Category

Hasan Davis, Keynote Speaker for the 2008 President's Awards for Diversity Click here.

For Complete Information on President's Awards for Diversity - 2008 Ceremony and Recipients please click here.

President Todd appoints new Chair of the Commission on Diversity, effective July 1, 2007.

Professor Allan G. Richards of the Department of Art in the College of Fine Arts has agreed to serve a two-year term as chair of the President’s Commission on Diversity. Richards, a native of Jamaica, was educated in Jamaica and Mexico prior to obtaining his doctorate in art education at Illinois State University. He came to the University of Kentucky in 1993 as associate dean for recruitment and diversity in the Graduate School. In that capacity, he helped UK achieve significant increases in the enrollment of underrepresented groups in its graduate programs. He left the Graduate School in 1998 to join the Art Department as a full-time faculty member. He is actively interested in promoting art education in the school system. Under his leadership the Commission on Diversity will focus on following up on the recommendations made by the Task Force on Diversity and Racial Equality, and in suggesting specific actions to achieve Goal IV of the 2006-09 Strategic Plan.

The New face of the President's Commission on Diversity

Development of New Strategic Plan

UK President's Commission on Diversity Strategic Plan 2007-2009(DOC)

Faculty and Staff Initiatives For Diversity

Faculty and Staff Initiatives for Diversity(DOC) New

President's Commission on Diversity


By-Laws(PDF) New Revised: November 8, 2007

President's Awards

Diversity Award Winners 2005-2007

2007 PAD Winners

2006 PAD Winners (DOC)

2005 PAD Winners (DOC)

ProGroup Players-workplace diversity (Lisa Brown) Video
Multicultural Forum Conference (Lisa Brown)

Annual Report
2007-2008 Annual Report to the President (PDF)

2005-2006 Annual Report to the President (DOC)

2004-2005 Annual Report to the President (PDF)

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