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March 2005
Report on Domestic Partnership Benefits
PCD Inclusion Sub-Committee

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Appendix 1 (PDF)
Appendix 2 (PDF)
Appendix 3 (PDF)

2005 University-Wide Diversity Plan Task Force Report to the President
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The President's Commission on Diversity By-Laws, Revised: Nov8th,2007

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PCD Establishes New Resource Library (updated in Oct. 2006)

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About Us


The President's Commission on Diversity shall:

  • Advise the President on issues, policies and practices that affect the University of Kentucky's commitment as a champion of diversity.

  • Report regularly to the President and the University community on the status of issues of diversity at UK.

    • Matters of diversity in employment, working environment, compensation and campus leadership.

  • Offer recommendations to redress all forms of inequities

    • Recommendations for enhancing the University's recruitment, retention and graduation of minority students in all of its programs.

    • Recommendations for enhancing the University's recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff.

  • Propose initiatives to ensure racial and ethnic diversity at the University of Kentucky which fully engage faculty, staff and students in the creation of a campus that is inclusive.

    • Inclusion in cultural affairs, communications, curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.

Our Annual Reports

The President's Commission on Diversity Annual Reports to President Todd describe the Commissions activities, initiatives and accomplishments:

April 2002-2003 (PDF)

April 2003-2004 (PDF)

April 2004-2005 (PDF)

June 2005-2006 (PDF)

June 2007-2008 (PDF)

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