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By Ralph Derickson

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"We welcome the University of Kentucky with open minds and hearts as an invaluable business and education partner."

--Harold Fenderson,
Principal, Central High Magnet Career Academy 

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Dec. 11, 2000 – (Louisville, Ky.) – The University of Kentucky and Louisville's Central High Magnet Career Academy (CHMCA) today formalized a partnership agreement maximizing academic links between the two schools.

            UK President Charles T. Wethington Jr. and Central's Principal Harold Fenderson announced today the formal agreement between the two schools at CHMCA located at 1130 W. Chestnut St. in Louisville.  Many UK academic leaders and Central High faculty, students and staff joined in the celebration.

Fifty-five specific initiatives, based on the missions of the educational institutions, mark the partnership.  These agreements will advance CHMCA students' preparation for postsecondary study and careers, respond to their academic, experiential and student support needs while in high school and at UK, link faculties across institutions to enhance teaching and research, and conduct scholarly research and disseminate research results.  A steering committee will oversee the partnership and propose future goals.

Central's students regularly score highly on state achievement tests and a relationship between UK and the school is expected to mutually benefit the students and help the university fulfill its strategic mission of service to the state's communities, including diverse urban populations, through enhanced outreach programs.

CHMCA has 10 magnet programs that are highly regarded for preparing the academy's advanced, honors and comprehensive program students for success in college and other post-secondary education while also introducing the students to career possibilities.

CHMCA programs cover the fields of banking and business, computer technology, legal and government services and a broad range of medical fields such as dental science, diagnostics/clinical laboratory science, medical office administration, nursing, pharmacy/therapeutics and veterinary science.

Under the UK/CHMCA agreement, the schools committed to five major, mutually beneficial goals:

n  Advancing CHMCA students in their preparation for postsecondary study and for careers,

n  Enhancing responsiveness to the academic, experiential and student support needs of CHMCA students while in high school and when enrolled at UK,

n  Creating linkages between UK and CHMCA faculties to advance the mission of both institutions and the research and teaching capabilities of involved faculty,

n  Conducting cooperative research in the pedagogy of each magnet field and in youth development for academic and career success, and

n  Disseminating information and research results for scholars and practitioners of education and youth development, thereby advancing instructional effectiveness and attaining national recognition.

"This partnership creates opportunities for an intriguing array of academic support services that will further assure our students successful transition from school to college to the workforce," Principal Fenderson said.  "We welcome the University of Kentucky with open minds and hearts as an invaluable business and education partner."

The joint agreement also calls for UK's Albert B. Chandler Medical Center, Research and Graduate Studies and UK's Lexington Community College to seek external gifts and grants to support scholarship for CHMCA students.

In addition to the Medical Center, specific duties are assigned to several UK colleges and programs, including the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics and Education and Law.  UK's College of Pharmacy established an earlier cooperative program with CHMCA.

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