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Administrative offices have been relocated to various sites around campus in the wake of the May 15, 2001, fire in the Administration Building.

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(Due to fire in the Administration Building May 15, 2001, and reorganization of administration July 5, 2001)

(Telephone numbers for the new offices are the same as for the previous offices except where a new number is given on this list.)

President Lee T. Todd, Jr.
101 Gillis Building, (859) 257-1701

President's Staff:
Judi Quire
Peggy Way
Lori Eckdahl
101 Gillis Building, (859) 257-1701

Senior Vice President for Administration
Jack Blanton, Senior Vice President
Ken Clevidence
Judith Marshall
Tamara Mundy
203 Gillis Building, (859) 257-1841

Vice President for Auxiliary and Campus Services
Ben Carr, Vice President
Ken Clevidence
Nancy Johnson
Jane Smith
369 Peterson Service Building (effective August 15th), (859) 257-8200

Vice President for Fiscal Affairs and Information Technology
Eugene R. Williams, Vice President
Penny Cox
Doyle Friskney
122 Hardymon Building, (859) 257-3609

Vice President for Research
James Boling, Vice President
Kathy Stanwix-Hay
Lisa Mattingly
Cheryl Hickey
201 Gillis Building, (859) 257-1663

Legal Counsel
Richard Plymale
Paul Vanbooven
Katherine Adams
Bruce Lankford
Linda Haulk
Judy Applegate
Kay Moberly
206 Gillis Building, (859) 257-2936

Associate Vice President for Employment Equity
Nancy Ray, Vice President
Terry Allen
Patty Bender
Lori Mobley
7 Gillis Building, (859) 257-8827

Planning and Budget
Rooms F & G, 18th Floor, Patterson Office Tower,

Internal Audit
103 A thru H, Mathews Building,
(859) 257-6206

Senate Council
139 Law Building, 257-8353

Others Relocated

University Architect
Warren Denny
225 Peterson Service Building, (859) 257-5911

Director of Technology
238 Peterson Service Building, (859) 257-9121

Manager of Business Systems
109 Scovell Hall, (859) 257-6690

Manager of Web Development
109 Scovell Hall, (859) 257-2310

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