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By Ralph Derickson


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President Todd said the reorganization reduces the university administration's "top-heaviness" and will, over a period of time, result in an annual savings of $1.25 million.

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July 5, 2001 – (Lexington, Ky.) – The Executive Committee of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees today authorized the first stage of an administrative reorganization presented by UK President Lee T. Todd Jr.

Todd said the new reorganization substantially reduces the university administration's "top-heaviness." He also said that over a period of time, the changes, coupled with recent retirements, would result in an annual savings of $1.25 million.

Todd outlined the new administrative structure to Executive Committee members at a 10 a.m. meeting. Immediately after the Executive Committee meeting, he rolled out the changes to UK administrators who were invited to a session in a theater of the Student Center.

The president said further changes would be made as the year continues. The Executive Committee also instructed Todd to consult with the University Senate about how the reorganization will affect academic policies and to bring the completed reorganization plan back to the UK Board of Trustees at an appropriate time in the 2001-2002 academic year.

As part of the reorganization, Todd announced the creation of two new commissions -- a Commission on the Status of Women and a Commission for Diversity -- that will remain active indefinitely and report directly to him. The Commission on Diversity will be asked to make recommendations by Dec. 31. The president said the Commission on Women would be asked to bring recommendations to him whenever it detects potential inequities. He said he had already noted the oddity of the university calling one of its fundraising groups "Fellows" and calling its events "black tie" sessions.

During his presentation, Todd declared a 30-day freeze on new hirings in positions paid for from the general fund to allow him to consider further changes in the university's organizational structure.

A principal change in UK management will reduce the number of officers reporting directly to the president from eight chancellors and vice presidents under the former "sector system" to a provost and three vice presidents.

Todd said the changes will "tighten and make more effective and efficient" the administrative processes at the university. Todd named Michael Nietzel, currently the dean of UK's graduate studies, as the university's first provost. Douglass Kalika, senior associate dean in the Graduate School, will be acting dean of the Graduate School as Nietzel assumes his new position.

James Boling, currently vice chancellor for research, was selected as the new vice president for research. Jack Blanton, a 26-year UK business officer, will serve as the senior vice president for administration, and James Holsinger, current chancellor of the Albert B. Chandler Medical Center, will have the title senior vice president of the University of Kentucky and chancellor of the medical center.

Joe Fink, director of UK's Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center (ASTeCC), a UK department that helps faculty members develop start-up companies from research developed at UK, will serve as the university's first vice president of corporate relations and economic outreach. Fink began his career at UK as a faculty member in the College of Pharmacy.

Todd said the individuals named to his new management team, except Holsinger, would serve in an acting capacity while he launched national searches for permanent officers. He said the acting officers would be given consideration as candidates to fill the positions permanently if they apply.

Three current UK divisions -- athletics, development and legal counsel -- will continue to report to the president, as will the new office of vice president for corporate relations and economic outreach.

The UK budget operation will change under the revised administrative structure. Eugene R. Williams will take on double-duty as vice president for fiscal affairs and information technology.

A position of vice provost for planning and institutional effectiveness was established and will be held by Constance Ray, currently in the former office of planning and budget. Karen Combs, a long-time financial officer in the Chandler Medical Center, will become the new associate vice president for planning and budget.

Ben Carr, former vice president for administration, will assume the role of vice president for auxiliary and campus services.

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