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UK Fellows Society Inducts 273 New Members

By Kelley Bozeman


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Since the program began in 1966, more than 5,700 Fellows have made or pledged gifts in excess of $520 million.

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Lexington, Ky. (Nov. 15, 2002) -- The University of Kentucky has inducted 273 new donors into its Fellows Society. Members have contributed or committed $10,000 or more to UK.

Since the program began in 1966, more than 5,700 Fellows have made or pledged gifts in excess of $520 million. The program honors various levels of giving: University Fellows ($10,000 or more, individuals only); Barker Fellows ($50,000 or more); Bowman Fellows ($250,000 or more); Patterson Fellows ($500,000 or more); and Presidential Fellows ($1 million or more).

This year's Fellows are:

Presidential Fellows Richard A. Barbella, Lexington; Peter and Carmen L. Buck,
Danbury, Conn.; John H. Clark, In Memoriam; Lexmark Inc., Lexington; Allen E. Paulson, In Memoriam; Gertrude F. Ribble, In Memoriam; UK Athletics Association, Lexington; George A. Young, In Memoriam; and William T. and Barbara S. Young Jr., Lexington.

James Kennedy Patterson Fellows
Margaret Logan Colvin, In Memoriam; Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky, Louisville; James F. Glenn, Lexington; Nelson Bunker and Caroline L. Hunt, Dallas, Texas; and The Oxley Foundation, Tulsa, Okla.

John Bryan Bowman Fellows
Irvin Abell III, Goshen; D. Ray Jr. and Linda G. Ball, Lexington; Don and Mira Ball, Lexington; Kenneth H. and Susan W. Beard, Oak Brook, Ill.; Patricia J. Buster, In Memoriam; Cardiology Associates of Kentucky, Lexington; Fifth Third Bank of Lexington; Jim Gray, Lexington; Ralph E. and Ann Scott Maher Mason, Maysville; Roger E. and Barbara D. Mick, Brentwood, Tenn.; Betty Morgan, In Memoriam; Frank H. Nichols, Jacksonville, Fla.; L. Stanley and Sheila Pigman, High Point, N.C.; SECAT Inc., Lexington; Scott S. Smith, Atlanta, Ga.; and Sean S. Smith, Atlanta, Ga.

Henry Stites Barker Fellows
American Pharmacy Services Corporation, Frankfort; Wendell R. and Vickie L. Bell, Cincinnati, Ohio; George F. and Betty Harris Blanda, Oak Brook, Ill.; Deane B. and Lynn M. Blazie, Hobe Sound, Fla.; The Blood-Horse, Lexington; The Bowling Family Foundation, Darien, Conn.; Branscum Construction Company, Russell Springs; Richard K. and Anne H. Brautigam, Brunswick, Maine; Norman L. and Elizabeth S. Brown, Lexington; Alex G. Campbell Jr., Lexington; CHF Solutions Inc., Brooklyn Park, Minn.; Stanley L. and Gloria D. Craig, Southport, N.C.; The Family and Friends of Cynthia Shaw Crispen, Prospect; Cummins Inc., Columbus, Ind.; Lon W. and Leslee L. Deckard, Cincinnati, Ohio; DIALOG, Atlanta, Ga.; Terry L. and Judith C. Dotson, Prestonsburg; David A. and Susan Armstrong Duff, Chavies; Dupree & Company Inc., Lexington; Joseph William and Nancy N. Foran, Dallas, Texas; Nolan Fowler, Cookeville, Tenn.; Marion Herman Fugate Jr., Adairville; Edith D. Gardner, In Memoriam; GenApps Inc., Winchester; Louis Lee, III and Bettie H. Haggin, Lexington; Thomas T. and Sheilagh Rogan Hammond, Lexington; John C. Harris, Highland Park, Ill.; F. Lee Hess, Lexington; Charles E. and Jewell K. Holbrook, Pinehurst, N.C.;
Morton Holbrook, Owensboro; S. Oden Jr. and Laurie Howell, Prospect; The R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation, Ruidoso, N.M.; Walter "Dee" and Jean Pearce Huddleston, Elizabethtown; Gordon L. Hyde, Lexington; The Julio R. Gallo Foundation, Modesto, Calif.; John L. and Jeanette B. Ladenburger, Corbin; Mark M. Luckens, In Memoriam; Ruth D. Luckens, In Memoriam; W. Bruce Lunsford, Louisville; Beth Conn McDaniel, Wildwood, Mo.; Medtronic Inc., Louisville; Everett H. Metcalf Jr., In Memoriam; Louis John, Jr. and Joyce McTigue Migliorini, Darnestown, Md.; Len W. and Marilyn R. Morrow, Lexington; Fred W. and Mary E. Nall, Ashland; Neogen Corporation, Lexington; Orris E. and Sally McCreary Philpot, Nashville, Tenn.; David Porter and Elizabeth Lynn Price,Lexington; George W. and Nawanna B. Privett, Lexington; RBJ Sales Inc., Dresden, Tenn.; Gene Hone and Ruth Jean Robinson, Somerset; Robert Alan and Mary Ellen Slone, Lexington; Smith & Nephew Inc., Endoscopy Division, Andover, Mass.; George W. and Phyllis M. Smith Jr., Hilton Head, S.C.; Ann D. Sturgill, Lexington; Don S. Sturgill, In Memoriam; Sullivan University,
Lexington; Taylor's Leatherwear Inc., Tullahoma, Tenn.; Team 7 Fighting ALS, Edgewood; Thomas D. Clark Foundation, Lexington; TIAA-CREF, Atlanta, Ga.; Martin Booth and Patsy Dills Tracy, Wilmore; UK Association of Emeriti Faculty, Lexington; Billy B. and Mary C. Wilcoxson, Lexington; Jonnie R. Williams, Chester, Va.; James L. and Barbara C. Wyatt, Boca Raton, Fla.; and Harry M. Zachem, Lexington.

University Fellows
Thomas J. and Julia B. Aaron, Brentwood, Tenn.; James Kenton Alcorn, Lexington; Richard P. and Bobbie J. Alloo, Lexington; Christopher Edward Anderson, Lexington; Charles J. and Carolyn A. Baird, Pikeville; John H. and Jayne E. Baird, Pikeville; William J. III and Katheryn R. Baird, Pikeville; Lindsey Joe Baker III, Barbourville; Stonie Barker Jr., Lexington; William Jason and Candice Barker, Nicholasville; Samuel G. and Susan H. Barnes, Lexington; Maxwell P. and Kendall Singletary Barret, Lexington; Fred W. Jr. and Mitchell W. Baumann, Versailles; John A. Biggerstaff, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; David M. and Susan U. Blake, Lexington; Thomas W. and Joanne C. Blanck, Nicholasville; Marvin F. and Mary Ann Blanford, Weston, Fla.; Jimmy B. and Arlene L. Blanton, Harlan; Meriwether Cary and Nancy Cleaves Blaydes, Lexington; Robert A. and Maureen D. Blouin, Lexington; Gifford S. and Marion G. Blyton, Lexington; Robert and Jane Bontrager, Lexington; Eleanor A. Botts, Cincinnati, Ohio; Christopher Arch Bradley, Ithaca, N.Y.; Dean Anderson Brothers, Lexington; Mark R. Brown, Lexington; Samuel M. and Linda J. Brown, Monticello; Winstead Thomas and Virginia Karen Buckner, Lexington; Charles O. and Martha T. Bush, Frankfort; Bret A. and Alison B. Caller, Lexington; Gregory G. and Jacqueline R. Carter, Lexington; Tamella Buss Cassis, Prospect; Todd Cebriak, Cincinnati, Ohio; Helen B. Chenery, Lexington; John Wickliffe Jr. and Teresa W. Collins, Lawrenceburg; Kevin Lee and Sheri Lynne Collins, Mason, Ohio; Brad H. and Karyn Ross Combs, Lexington; Stephen D. Congleton, Loveland, Ohio; Jimmy Dan and Rhonda Jo Conner, Louisville; Sandra L. Copher, Lexington; Dan and LaVerne Cox, Worthington; Stephen J. and Susan Stuckert Crush, Ft. Mitchell; Constantine W. and Jo Hern Curris, Chevy Chase, Md.; Robert Gary Davis, Lexington; Russell H. and Liz K. Davis, Pikeville; Michelle DeLuca, Lexington;
G. Eldon and Connie D. Depew, London; Frank Graves and Elizabeth Drymon Dickey, Lexington; Gene B. and Ella Margaret Downing, Maysville; Cathy B. Doyle, Lexington; Kevin M. Doyle, Lexington; John B. III and Dianne B. DuPuy, Lexington; Donald W. Durham, Lexington; Violet Irene Eads, In Memoriam; Daniel L. Eberhardt Jr., Lexington; Victoria F. Ewing, Acworth, Ga.; Dorothy Fall, Washington, D.C.; Clyde Edward Jr. and Sue Curtistine Faneuff, Lexington; Daniel R. Fermaglich, Denville, N.J.; Lois F. Fermaglich, Denville, N.J.; Hardin Field III, Versailles; Richard A. Fisher, Lake Barrington, Ill.; Jack M. and Patsy C. Fitz, Bulan; John H. Frick, Gresham, Ore.; William R. and Carolyn G. Gabbert, Lexington; Mary F. Glasscock, Louisville; Fred and Peggy F. Gorbandt, Louisville; Brenda B. Gosney, Butler; Mark David and Rebecca Singleton Goss, Harlan; Eve Bates Greathouse, Lexington; Paul F. Greene, In Memoriam; Robert Kirk and Robin Carol Grigsby, Louisville; Paul Mario and Katherine Koch Grisanti, Louisville; Cynthia Rice Grissom, Prospect; Dennis G. and Geri Haack, Lexington; Tommy R. Hall, Lexington; Mary-Wilma M. Hargreaves, Lexington; Michael W. and Ty Hart, Corbin; George A. Head, Upper Sandusky, Ohio; Thomas L. and Jane E. Hendrickson, Maysville; Robert M. and Donna T. Hewett, Lexington; John S. and Linda E. Hill, Lexington; Walter W. III and Teresa Klaas Hillenmeyer, Lexington; Laura Lynne Holsclaw, Lexington; James M. Honaker, Frankfort; E. J. and JonAnn Horn, Versailles; Bill K. and Edna R. Howard, Wallins Creek; Hugh L. Huffman, Baton Rouge, La.; Steve R. Hurst and Sue M. Rimmer, Lexington; Michael A. Hurter, Lexington; Elizabeth M. Isaacs, In Memoriam; Don L. Jacobs Sr., Lexington; Charles Nelson Jenkins, Lexington; Lois F. Jenkins, Allen; Michael W. Johnson, Alexandria, Va.; Thomas D. and Ann M. Johnston, Stamping Ground; James Lowell Jones and Kathy Sheppard-Jones, Nicholasville; Ronald Kalim, Lexington; Steve Kay and Rona Roberts, Lexington; Michael D. and Ann Dupps Kegley, Lexington; Paul G. Keller, Lexington; Mary Louise Wrightson Kessler, Louisville; Stan R. and Mary Rhoades Key, Lexington; Richard A. and Carolyn J. Kielar, Lexington; Hall M. and Sarah Swinford Kinney, Cynthiana; Donald L. and Lois A. Kitts, Pikeville; Henry Hudson and Kimberly Kinkead Knight, Lexington; David A. and Lynne C. Koch, Louisville; John Patrick and Leigh Ann Koch, Louisville; Joseph Michael III and Joanna Mary Koch, Louisville; J. Graeme Jr. and Elizabeth L. Lang, Lexington; Charles C. and Christine D. Lee, Nicholasville; Sammy Levinson, Bowling Green; Erle L. and Sara S. Levy, Lexington; Anne N. Lewis, Bethesda, Md.; Carl J. and Carolyn C. Lintner, Kalamazoo, Mich.; John Rawls and Jeannie Haines Livesay, Louisville; Marshall F. Loy, Columbia; Edward H. and Mildred L. Lynch Jr., Lexington; William W. Magruder, Jamestown; Barry C. and Melissa L. Mangold, Nicholasville; Catherine Kendall Markesbery, Lexington; Marc A. and Gwenda W. Mathews, Lexington; David P. and Donna S. Mathys, Louisville; Robert V. May, Lexington; John H. and Bobbie G. Mays, Ashland; J. Barton and Phyllis D. Meyer, Lexington; Rodney L. Mitchell, Frankfort; John O'Niell and Louise Bowling Morgan, Lexington; Julian Moss, Lancaster; Harold H. and Willa D. Mullis, Nicholasville; George T. and Tonny Murray, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Syam B. Murty, Lexington; James Mark Musgove, Lexington; Dorothy Nelms, Danville; Jackie C. Nicholson, Lexington; Mary A. Niewodowski, Bradenton, Fla.; Edward Marcus III and Rebecca Dillon Nunnelee, Bowling Green; Rodney F. Page, McLean, Va.; Ann R. Pass, Lexington; Bobby C. Pass, In Memoriam; Kevin C. Pass, Newburgh, Ind.; Gertrude L. Patch, Lexington; David L. and Mary Stoll Patton, Arlington, Va.; Lauri Sullivan Perry, Seattle, Wash.; Ronald E. Phillips, In Memoriam; Hunter A. Jr. and Jennifer Combs Pipes, Shelbyville; Piroska K. Planck, Holmes Beach, Fla.; John Stephen Poole, Louisville; Carson P. and Mary S. Porter, McLean, Va.; M. Tyler and Holli S. Powell, Kirkwood, Mo.; O. Randall and Amy Powell, Lexington; Henry Caywood and Margaret Clift Prewitt, Paris; Steve Rader, Versailles; Darrell R. and Nancy W. Ratliff, Lexington; Gene and Michelle Ratliff, Lexington; Ted R. and Susan A. Renaker, Lexington; R. Shawn and Karen J. Rich, Elizabethtown; Charlotte Whitlow Richardson, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Ronald Dean Risner, Orlando, Fla.; L. Edward Jr. and Ellen Goff Roberts, Mt. Sterling; William B. Robinson, Lexington; Eddie Gene and Kathryn Pauline Rogers, Oakdale, Calif.; Alex W. Rose, Nicholasville; Julie Ann Ross, Versailles; Daniel B. and Wendy Bolton Rowland, Lexington; Jacqueline M. Royalty, Lexington; Stephen J. and Melody Ryan, Lexington; John K. Jr. and Cynthia C. Ryans, Monroe Falls, Ohio; Stanley Scates, Lexington; G. Randolph and Betty J. Schrodt, Louisville; Harry W. Settle, In Memoriam; Tonya Maria Sexton, Paris; David P. Shropshire, Lexington; John D. and Ann W. Sisler, Lexington; G. Bradley and Patricia Thomas Smith, Louisville; Gary K. and Barbara B. Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Morgan Scott and Susan Durisek Smith, Lexington; William N. and Patricia H. Stacy, Marietta, Ga.; Mary Hardin Stevens, Lexington; Sue Cravens Stivers, Columbia; Deborah Ann Stoll-Thompson, Lexington; Champ S. Stopher, Sarasota, Fla.; Arthur and Vilva Stovall, Lexington; Era J. Strong, In Memoriam; J. Scott and Mary D. Stuckert, Louisville; Stephen V. and Carole T. Stuckert, Louisville; Larry G. and Becky C. Stull, Lexington; B. Wayne Sullivan, Lexington; Gail L. Sutton, Louisville; James L. and Sheryl Sutton, Lexington; Beverly Blair Tharp, Cincinnati, Ohio; Megan Lake Thornton, Lexington; Robert C. Trimble, Lexington; William Edward Jr. and Catherine Wilson Turner, Nashville, Tenn.; Jonathan and Marietta Van Lahr, Webster; James E. and Ann H. Vogt, Naples, Fla.; S. Randolph Waldman, Lexington; Rebecca Nekervis Walker, Oldsmar, Fla.; Penny R. Warren, Lexington; Robert L. Waters, Elizabethtown; S. Craig and Kelley M. Welch, Louisville; David E. Welker, Cadiz; W. Robert and Janet L. Welliver, Estero, Fla.; Byron E. and Helen T. Wentz, Morehead; Robert T. West, Lexington; Carolyn L. White, Erlanger; D.W. and Janell Williams, Richmond; Donna Price Wilson, Columbus, Ohio; Eva J. Winkle, Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Buckner and Susan Y. Woodford, Paris; Amanda Lee Yeary, Lexington; and William A. Zapp, Louisville.

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