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Pharmacy REACH Program

Contact: Jill Holder

Photo of UK President Lee T. Todd Jr., Charles Eades and Holly Divine
UK President Lee T. Todd Jr.; Charles Eades, physical plant division; and Holly Divine, assistant professor, UK College of Pharmacy and REACH pharmacist, discuss the REACH program


April 24, 2003 (Lexington, Ky.) -- University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd Jr., Mrs. Patsy Todd, College of Pharmacy Dean Kenneth Roberts, and others celebrated another program underway at UK to help hold down the rising costs of health care benefits.

The Pharmacy REACH program is part of UK’s Health Literacy Project, an overall initiative at the university to provide employees, their families and retirees with programs to improve their health and educate them on the best health care insurance coverage for their needs.

Todd noted that this type of effort will not only help employees save money on their health care insurance, it will help the university save money as well – money that can be used to provide much needed funding in other areas of the university.

“This year UK experienced a less than 10 percent increase in health care coverage costs, while the nation as a whole experienced a 15 percent increase,” Todd said.

As part of UK’s Health Literacy efforts, the College of Pharmacy developed REACH: Raising Energy, Awareness and Campus Health. Clinical pharmacists provide free information and workshops regarding medication and prescriptions.

“I think this is the kind of thing an academic research institution should be doing. REACH is truly an outreach program,” said President Todd.

REACH offers the following to employees and retirees:

  • Co-pay Counseling – Pharmacists help evaluate medicines to see if out-of-pocket expenses can be reduced.
  • Good Medicines – Pharmacists help evaluate medications for side effects, drug interactions, and effectiveness for meeting health care needs.
  • Outreach Program – Pharmacists provide information and counseling at the workplace or other convenient locations.
  • Health Initiatives – Pharmacists work with health care experts to help employees and retirees manage and prevent health problems.

Pharmacy REACH employs three pharmacists, Holly Divine, Pharm.D.; Amy Nicholas, Pharm.D.; and Matt McMahan, Pharm.D. Margaret Nowak-Rapp, Pharm.D., is director of the program.

For more information, call (859) 323-1493 or e-mail questions to More information is available at the REACH Web site.

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