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Employee of the Year Awards

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Photo of Darrin Burchell
Darrin Burchell

Photo of Sally Jones
Sally Jones

Photo of Rebecca Dugi
Rebecca Dugi

Photo of Beth Plummer Beth Plummer



July 17, 2003 (Lexington, Ky.) -- The University of Kentucky College of Medicine recently announced its Employee of the Year Awards for 2002-2003.

The Employee of the Year for Administration is Darrin Burchell, Computer Lab Manager, Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine. Darrin joined UK in 1991 and has been in the Student Computer Lab since 1995. He is a master at the long list of duties required to support medical students and faculty. He is tireless in his efforts to provide assistance on student projects and contributes a tremendous sense of humor to his department.

The Employee of the Year for Education is Sally Jones, who works in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. Jones, who joined UK in 1998, has many duties, including serving as the residency coordinator in her department. In this role, she expedites all interactions with the staff, and manages the day-to-day functions of the residency, including arranging and coordinating with faculty to meet the needs of current, incoming and outgoing residents. Jones is supportive of co-workers and always volunteers to coordinate the annual United Way campaign as well as blood drives.

The Employee of the Year for Patient Care is Rebecca Dugi, in the Department of Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology. Dugi joined UK in 1976 and has been the nurse clinic manager in the Otolaryngology Clinic since 1988. Her colleagues note her example of excellence in all that she does, including spearheading the quality improvement task force, and ensuring that all jobs in the clinic are coordinated and all employees are cross-trained. She is known for the exceptional level of her performance as a nurse, for her kindness and consideration for patients, and for her willingness to assume leadership roles to improve the care of all patients.

The Employee of the Year for Research is Beth Plummer, of the Department of Internal Medicine/Division of Infectious Diseases. Plummer joined UK in 1988 and has worked for the Department of Internal Medicine since 1992. She currently is working with Richard Greenberg, M.D., on vaccine clinical trials and is a member of the UK HIPAA Research Committee. Plummer has earned the respect of her co-workers and supervisors by exemplifying an outstanding work ethic. She takes initiative and works long hours to ensure the success of the projects with which she is involved.

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