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The university will provide regular updates here, by phone

on the UK Infoline (257-5684), and on UK Cable TV Channel 16.

The Department of Homeland Security has lowered the National Threat Advisory Level to an elevated risk of terrorist attack or "yellow" level.

This is the level that the nation was operating under prior to military action is Iraq.

If you need further information, please call Stephanie Bastin at 257-5770, extension 232 or refer to

Thursday, March 27, 2003

MEMO TO: Residence Hall Students

FROM: The Offices of Residence Life and Housing

Several weeks ago the FBI identified colleges and universities as “soft targets” for terrorist activities. Last week, the UK Police Department was advised by the Lexington Joint Terrorism Task Force to restrict access to buildings that are not regularly opened to the public or students and allow admission by ID only. As a result, UKPD recommended that the UK residence halls change to a controlled access policy for the foreseeable future. This policy, which was widely advertised and discussed this week, was implemented this past Wednesday in orderto provide the security required by the Task Force’s recommendation..

Since the announcement and implementation of the new policy, we have received feedback from numerous students affected by the policy. We have consulted with students, , and held an open forum this past Wednesday night. We also received feedback from students through emails and from staff working in the halls. As a result of this feedback, we went back to the Lexington Joint Terrorism Task Force and proposed an alternative to the original policy that we believed would still meet the level of security recommended by the Task Force. The Task Force has concurred with this revised policy, so the University will be moving ahead with its implementation.

Therefore, effective Friday, March 28, access to all campus residence halls will be permitted not only to UK and LCC students and their families, but also to other visitors accompanied by UK students living in the residence hall who have a current, picture I.D. card, such as a driver’s license. All UK students and their guests will be asked to show their picture ID cards upon entry to any campus residence hall. As before, guests will be required to leave their I.D. at the front desk and be escorted by their host at all times while in the building. UK faculty and staff will be asked to show their UKID card and another form of government issued picture identification upon entry to the residence halls. Students are encouraged to carry their UK ID with them at all times on campus. In addition, we will continue to provide extra staff coverage at many of the desks to assist with monitoring the check-in process.

Although this policy is very similar to the one that was in place before the war and heightened terrorist threat in this country, our expectation is that student cooperation with and adherence to the policy will be at an even higher level than before. We believe that a less restrictive policy with greater student buy-in will provide a higher level of security than a more restrictive policy with little student buy-in. Please, only check-in visitors you know well, stay with them at all times while they are in the building, and cooperate byproviding valid identification when asked.

We anticipate that this level of coverage will be in place until the end of the academic year or until UK is advised that there is no need for this level of coverage, whichever is sooner. At the end of the academic year, we will revisit this issue with law enforcement officials to determine whether it should be continued.

Security is everyone's responsibility. Everyone is a security expert; treat the UK campus as you would your home. If there is someone unusual in your area, call the UK Police, 257-1617. If you see what you consider unusual activity, call the UK Police. Thank you and best wishes. (04/01/2003 1:00 p.m.)

University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center officials would like to reassure patients and their families during these uncertain times. Medical Center officials have plans in place to protect patients, their family and visitors, as well as students, staff and faculty in this time of uncertainty. UK Hospital has implemented a perimeter security system, limiting access to public entrances. Parking has been restricted on the front loop of UK Hospital. Additional security measures also are in place. If you are asked by security to implement additional measures, please comply. The Medical Center also has plans in place in case of biological or chemical terrorism. In the event of such instances, a shelter-in-place plan will be implemented. All air-intake will be closed and entrances will be locked in medical center buildings. UK Hospital is in the process of vaccinating volunteers who will serve on smallpox response teams in case of an outbreak caused by bioterrorism. Additional contingency plans have been developed to respond to additional terrorist threats. (04/01/2003 1:00 p.m.)

In accordance with FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security request for vigilance with regard to "out of the ordinary" activity, UK Police ask you to be aware of the following signs of terrorist activity:

  • Someone bragging or talking about plans to harm citizens in violent attacks or who claims membership in a terrorist organization that espouses killing innocent people.
  • Suspicious packages, luggage, backpacks, or mail that have been abandoned in a crowded place like an office building, cafeteria, library, airport, shopping mall, etc.
  • Suspicious letter or unexpected package that arrives.
  • Someone suspiciously existing in a secured area near a train or bus depot, airport, tunnel, bridge, government building or tourist attraction.
  • Any type of activity or circumstance that seems frightening or unusual within the normal routines of your neighborhood, community and/or workplace.
  • Someone unfamiliar loitering in a parking lot, government building, or around a school or playground.
  • Someone using or threatening to use a gun or other weapon, place a bomb, or release poisonous substance into the air, water or food supply.
  • Strange odors, smoke, fire or an explosion.
  • Abandoned vehicles, or vehicles in areas where they are not accustomed to being.

The University Police are taking precautions ot provide for your safety, but we need your assistance. Call 257-1616 or dial 911 to report any of the above or anything else you feel is "just not right". (03/38/2003 12:30 p.m.)