Wethington Awards Given to Faculty

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In addition to increasing the number of applications for extramural funding and aiding faculty recruitment, the awards also increase the level of grant and contract funding and provide enhanced opportunities for graduate student and postdoctoral training, the provost said.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 24, 2004) -- University of Kentucky Wethington Awards, which are designed to increase the university’s extramural grant and contract funding programs, will be awarded to 156 UK faculty members beginning in June.

These awards, not to exceed $25,000 each, supplement the departmental salaries of faculty members who develop ideas and write proposals for extramural funding, said UK Provost Michael T. Nietzel. Such programs also facilitate recruiting and retaining research-oriented faculty, Nietzel added.

In addition to increasing the number of applications for extramural funding and aiding faculty recruitment, the awards also increase the level of grant and contract funding and provide enhanced opportunities for graduate student and postdoctoral training, the provost said.

The UK faculty members who will receive the 2004 Wethington awards by college and department are listed below.

College of Agriculture: Czarena Crofcheck, assistant professor, biosystems and agricultural engineering; Stephen Dobson, assistant professor, entomology;

Mark Farman, professor, plant pathology; Bernie Hennig, professor, animal sciences; Ronald Hustedde, professor, community and leadership development; Charles Issel, professor, veterinary science; Larry Jones, professor, agricultural economics; Mary Marchant, professor, agricultural economics; Benjy Mikel, professor, animal sciences; Eric Scorsone, assistant professor, agricultural economics; Tim Woods, associate professor, agricultural economics, Youling Xiong, professor, animal sciences; Sandra Bastin, associate professor, family and consumer science; and Howard Glauert, professor, nutrition and food science.

College of Arts and Sciences : Mark Fillmore, associate professor, psychology; Peter Giancola, associate professor, psychology; Pamela Wilcox, associate professor, sociology; Richard Kryscio, professor, statistics; Arnold Stromberg, associate professor, statistics; Grace Jones, professor, biology; Randal Voss, professor, biology; Brian Rymond, professor, biology; Leonidas Bachas, professor, chemistry; Sylvia Daunert, professor, chemistry; and Mark Lovell, assistant professor, chemistry.

College of Communications and Information Studies : Chike M. Anyaegbunam, assistant professor, journalism and telecommunications; Nancy G. Harrington, associate professor, communication; Derek R. Lane, associate professor, communication; Philip C. Palmgreen, professor, communication; Anthony J. Roberto, assistant professor, communication; Rick S. Zimmerman, professor, communication; and James Andrews, assistant professor, library and information science.

College of Dentistry: Ted Raybould, professor, oral health science; Karen Novak, associate professor, oral health practice; John Novak, professor, oral health practice; Judy Skelton, associate professor, oral health science; Jeff Ebersole, professor, oral health practice; Richard Haug, professor, oral health science; David Hardison, professor, oral health science; Gerald Ferretti, professor, oral health science; and Craig Miller, professor, oral health practice.

College of Engineering: Issam Harik, professor, civil engineering; Lindell Ormsbee, professor, civil engineering; Nikiforos Stamatiadis, civil engineering; Jun Zhang, associate professor, computer science; Jerzy Jaromczyk, associate professor, computer science; Vince Capece, assistant professor, mechanical engineering; Larry Holloway, director, Center for Manufacturing, and professor, electrical engineering; Jon Yingling, associate professor, mining engineering; Rick Sweigard, professor, mining engineering; G.T. Lineberry, professor, mining engineering; Joe Sottile, associate professor, mining engineering; Andrzej Wala, mining engineering; and Daniel Tao, assistant professor, mining engineering

Graduate School (toxicology) :Zhigang Wang, associate professor, and Davy Jones, professor.

College of Medicine (anatomy and neurobiology) : Subramaniam Apparsundaram, assistant professor; Guoying Bing, associate professor; Annadora Bruce-Keller, assistant professor; Wayne A. Cass, associate professor; Marilyn Duncan, associate professor; Don Gash, chair and professor; Greg Gerhardt, professor; Kurt Hauser, professor; Lothar Jennes, professor; Jane Joseph, assistant professor; Pamela Knapp, associate professor; Diane Snow, associate professor; Joe Springer, professor; Anders Andersen, associate professor; Marilyn Getchell, professor; Richard Grondin, assistant professor; Indrapal Singh, assistant professor; and Zhang Zhiming, associate professor.

College of Medicine (behavioral science): Michael Andrykowski, professor; Anita Fernander, assistant professor; Thomas Garrity, professor; Joseph Gaugler, assistant professor; Yang Jiang, assistant professor; Thomas Kelly, professor; Carl Leukefeld, chair and professor, behavioral science and director, Center on Drug and Alcohol Research; T.K. Logan, associate professor; Craig Rush, professor; Nancy Schoenberg, associate professor; Mitzi Schumacher, professor; Timothy Smith, professor; John Webster, assistant professor; and John Wilson, professor.

College of Medicine (aging): Lee Blonder, professor, aging/behavioral sciences; Deborah Danner, assistant professor, aging/preventive medicine; Jeff Keller, assistant professor, aging/anatomy; William Markesbery, director, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, and professor, aging/pathology; Marta Mendiondo, assistant professor, aging/public health; Luther Creed Pettigrew, professor, aging/neurology; Stephen Scheff, professor, aging/anatomy; Fred Schmitt, professor, aging/neurology; David Snowdon, professor, aging/neurology; and David Wekstein, professor, aging/physiology.

College of Medicine (internal medicine):Reto Asmis, associate professor; Alan Daugherty, professor ; Deneys van der Westhuyzen, professor; Nancy Webb, assistant professor; and Gary VanZant, professor.

College of Medicine (Pharmacology) :Rolf Craven, assistant professor; Robert Hadley, associate professor; David Kaetzel, professor; Michael Kilgore, assistant professor; Susan Kraner, assistant professor; Philip Landfield, chair of Pharmocology and professor; Michael Piascik, professor; Nada Porter, associate professor; Steven Post, assistant professor; Hollie Swanson, associate professor; Olivier Thibault, assistant professor; Eric Blalock, assistant professor; Kuey-Chu Chen, associate professor; and Nancy Pedigo, assistant professor.

College of Medicine (physiology):Scott Diamond, professor; George Steven Estus, associate professor; Ming Cui Gong, assistant professor; Lu-Yuan Lee, professor; Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian, associate professor; David Randall, professor; Jonathan Satin, associate professor; George Smith, associate professor; and Melinda Wilson, assistant professor.

College of Medicine (Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center):Edward Hall, director and professor; Patrick Sullivan, assistant professor; James Geddes, associate professor; and Alexander Rabchevsky, assistant professor.

College of Pharmacy (pharmaceutical sciences): Bradley Anderson, professor; Paul Bummer, associate professor; Lisa Cassis, director, Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences, and professor; Peter Crooks, professor; Patrick DeLuca, professor; Linda Dwoskin, professor; Michael Jay, professor; Kyung Bo Kim, assistant professor; Tonglei Li, assistant professor; Robert Lodder, associate professor; Charles Lofton, assistant professor; Pat McNamara, professor; Russ Mumper, associate professor; Marcos Olivieria, assistant professor; Jim Pauly, associate professor; Jurgen Rohr, professor; Audra Stinchcomb, assistant professor; Daniel Tai, professor; Robert Yokel, professor; and Chang-Guo Zhan, associate professor.

College of Pharmacy (pharmacy practice and science): Val Adams, assistant professor; Scott Akers, assistant professor; Ann Amerson, professor; Karen Blumenschein, associate professor; Sheila Botts, assistant professor; Jimmi Hatton, associate professor; Frank Romanelli, assistant professor; Melody Ryan, assistant professor; and Kelly Smith, associate professor.

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