UK Recognizes 224 New Fellows

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The weekend also marked the official kickoff of The Campaign for the University of Kentucky, Phase II: Dream, Challenge, Succeed. The Campaign’s goal is to raise $1 billion by the end of 2007.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 12, 2004) -- The University of Kentucky recognized 224 new Fellows who have given or pledged $10,000 or more during the annual Development Council and Fellows Society weekend.

Since the program began in 1966, more than 5,900 Fellows have made or pledged gifts in excess of $600 million. The program honors various levels of giving: University Fellows ($10,000 or more, individuals only); Barker Fellows ($50,000 or more); Bowman Fellows ($250,000 or more); Patterson Fellows ($500,000 or more); and Presidential Fellows ($1 million or more).

The weekend also marked the official kickoff of The Campaign for the University of Kentucky, Phase II: Dream, Challenge, Succeed. The Campaign’s goal is to raise $1 billion by the end of 2007.

This year's Fellows are:

Presidential Fellows BB & T Corporation, Winston-Salem, N.C.; James K. Patterson Trust, Lexington; SECAT, Inc., Lexington; and Greg and Noreen Wells, Hazard.

James Kenneth Patterson Fellows John I. and Patricia J. Buster, In Memoriam; Charles W. Hammond, In Memoriam; John H. and Betty Jo Heick, In Memoriam; and Roger E. and Barbara Mick, Brentwood, Tenn.

John Bryan Bowman Fellows Charles D. and Jeanette D. Bennett, Hardinsburg; Gary E. and Betty Biszantz, Lexington; Nancy Shropshire Blazer, Georgetown; East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Winchester; Michael W. and Ty R. Hart, Corbin; Madeline F. James, In Memoriam; Thomas H. and Mary Doyle Johnson, Lexington; Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation, Louisville; Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc., Menomonee, Wisc.; The Kroger Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; Virginia Alcorn Ludwick, In Memoriam; Robert C. and Janice S. McNair, Paris; Robert E. Milward, Lexington; Ernest A. Sampson, Louisville; Scripps Howard Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio; Brett T. and Billie Jo Setzer, Nicholasville; and Sutherland Foundation Louisville.

Henry Stites Barker Fellows Ale-8-One Bottling Company, Winchester; Alex Boone Charitable Foundation, Lexington; Nolen Charles and Maydie Ann Allen, Louisville; Beneke Wire Company, Louisville; Bluegrass Airport, Lexington; Norman A. Chrisman, Jr., Lexington; Clark Co. UK Alumni Club, Winchester; Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, Inc., Ashland; Bernard R. Crouch, In Memoriam; Crowe Chizek and Company, LLC, Lexington; Robert M. and Janet M. Cundiff, In Memoriam; Harold T. and Shirley M. Daniel, Lexington; Patrick P. and Judy A. DeLuca, Lexington; Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.; Roger P. DiSilvestro, Nashville, Tenn.; Regina J. Drury, In Memoriam; Corrilla E. English; In Memoriam; Woodson L. English; In Memoriam; Arline Dillon Florence, Richmond; William W. and Doris M. Foster, Charlotte, N.C.; Lorraine E. Garkovichk, Versailles; Danny J. and Susan Gipson, Villa Hills; Margaret Kelly Maples Gilliland, Gainesville; Curtis A. and Chasity J. Given, Lexington; Graviss McDonald’s Restaurants, Versailles; A lan Laurence and Susan Abner Grogan, Lexington; William T. and Edith Harmon, In Memoriam; Alvin D. Haynes, Lexington; Henry L. Hinkle, Paris; Kenneth Edwards Hobgood, Raleigh, N.C.; Betty Bush Holden, Virginia Beach, Va.; J. Roy and Katharine Holsclaw, Lexington; Alva Thomas Hudson, Lexington; Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy, Fairfax Station, Va.; Darryl L. Isaacs, Prospect; David R. and Andrea Clark Jacobs, Stamping Ground; D. Harry and Nancy H. Jones, Louisville; Mary Florence Jones, In Memoriam; Ashley T. Judd, Franklin, Tenn.; KAVO America Corp., Lake Zurich, Ill.; Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc., Louisville; Kentucky Farm Bureau Foundation, Louisville; Alice P. Killpatrick, Lexington; Thomas William Lewis, Tempe, Ariz.; Charles D. Lucas, Jr., Louisville; William W. Magruder, Jamestown; William Ross Maples, In Memoriam; Dorothy Turner Martin, Martin; Mark R. and Deborah M. Mathis, Bardstown; Bill J. and Alois M. Moore, Hazard; Elmer E. and Lucille Morgan, Louisville; Joe H. Murphy, Jr., Lexington ; Jack L. Nelson, Lexington; James G. Nelson, Madison, Wisc.; Larry D. and Beverly A. Noe, Campbellsville; OfficeMax, Louisville; James A. Parrish, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Dan F. and Ingrid Jaco Partin, Harlan; J. Jeff Pence, Newport Beach, Calif.; David W. Potter, Lexington; Charles E. and Karen S. Pritchett, Indianapolis, Ind.; Walter D. and Laverne W. Rhodes, Campbellsville; R. Shawn and Karen J. Rich, Elizabethtown; William N. and Amy K. Rich, Lexington; James Alton Rider, Elizabethtown; Robert and Nellie Ellis Foundation, Crescent Springs; Scott and Mary Bess Ross, Hopkinsville; Michael J. and Margaret “Missy” Scanlon, Lexington; Louise G. Scott, In Memoriam; William F. and Harriet Fast Scott, McLean, Va.; Robert E. and Laura M. Sims, Nashville, Tenn.; J. Fritz and Helen Marie Skeen, Chicago, Ill.; Douglas A. Stough, Louisville; Thomas and King, Inc., Lexington; Kenneth W. Towery, Louisville; Paul E. and Lynn L. Tran, Louisville; The Tubby Smith Foundation, Lexington; University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union, Lexington; Wayne S. Upshaw, Paducah; Quentin W., Jr. and Suzanne C. Walker, Lexington; S. Craig and Kelley M. Welch, Prospect; Raymond D. Wells, Inez; Wenneker Management, Lexington ; Timothy Michael and Tracy Diane Wheeler, Ashland; Michael R. and Faye Whitley, Lexington; and James T. Wilson, Bronston.

University Fellows are Penny Allen, Lexington; Scotty H. Baesler, Lexington; Doris S. Bailey, In Memoriam; John Murphy Baker, Lexington; Robert M. and Anne W. Baldwin, Winchester; Mitchell Scott and Connie Lynn Barnhart, Lexington; Frank M. and Sue G. Bennett, Lexington; William F. Blackburn, Jr., Forest Hills; Brent and Kimberly T. Boling, London; Herbert N. Boys, King of Prussia, Pa; John M. and Carla L. Brislin, Lexington; A. Bernarr and Jewell D. Burke, Fallbrook, Ca; Michael N. and Jane F. Burke, Lexington; Charles W. Byers, Lexington; David Peter and Jamie Lynn Calzi, Louisville; Douglas R. and Rita D. Carlisle, Louisville; David E. and Sheila G. Cawood, Lexington; James Lee and Elizabeth Ann Childress, Mansfield, Ohio; Isabel McHenry Clay, Paris; Jack T. Cloyd, Corbin; W. Harvey Coggin, Lexington; James O. and Marian S. Cook, Lebanon; Waverlie D. Crafton II, Henderson; Roger B. and Carla G. Craycraft, Lexington; Charles L., Jr. and Vicki Lucas Cunningham, Louisville; Marcia A. Dake, Springfield, Va.; Thomas Andrew Dale II, Lexington; John H. and Beverly J. Davis, Glasgow; Richard F. and Melody M. Dawahare; Lexington; Henry H. Dickinson, Lauderdale, Fla.; Martine Collier Donaldson, In Memoriam; Jennifer Lynn Donnelly, Fort Rumson, N.J.; J. Larry and Dorothea S. Douglas, Cynthiana; Jacqueline Dulworth, Aiken, S.C.; Gary Fisher Earle, Lexington; Edward C. Elliott, Decatur, Ill.; Adam H. Edelen, Lexington; Vivian S. Everman, Winchester; W. Bert and Patty Reed Eyster, Stockton, Ala.; William Barry and Amy G. Faulkner, Lexington; Patrick A. and Terese K. Fister, Louisville; William J. and Juanita W. Fleming, Frankfort; Grayce A. Franks, Lexington; Don and Peggi Frazier, Lexington; Mrs. Tommy F. Gammon, Paris; Sundaresh and Janet Greer Ganesan, West Windsor, N.J.; John L. and Carol S. Gardner, Lexington; Allis Jo Gawthrop, Lexington; James Thomas Gilbert, Richmond; Jerry W. Gilbert, Richmond; Paul E. A. and Josephine L. A. Glaser, Lexington; Scott W. and Tobi B. Glasscock, Danville; Melvin C. and Emily Ronni Greenwald, Hagerstown, Md.; Kevin Hacker, Cincinnati, Ohio; Doug and Patsy P. Hampton, Cynthiana; Thomas V. and Bonnie C. Handy, London; Gail Hendrickson Hart, Lexington; Marion K. and Karolyn S. Hayden, Cecilia; Thomas S. Haydon, Jr., Springfield; James Hite Hays, Shelbyville; Gregory L and Rhonda L. Hensley; Louisville; Harold N. Hicks, Jr., Chesapeake, Ohio; Robert A. Holbrook, Denver, Colo.; Byron Lee and Sabrina Kay Holley, Naples, Fla.; LuAnn Holmes, Park Hills, Fla.; Gregory A. and Katrina M. Hood, Lexington; Josh Hopkins, Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Shae Hopkins, Lexington; Tara Hopkins, Lexington; William and Joan L. Hoskins, Lexington; Daniel B. and Minerva F. Howard, Lexington; Isaac Ison, Jr., In Memoriam; Anna Henry Ison, Lexington; Stephen C. and Robin L. Jennings, Lexington; Paul Louis and Stephanie Ann Johnson, Campbellsville; J. Rick and Barbara W. Jones, Frankfort; Steve Jones, Montgomery, N.Y.; Steve Major and Michelle Eckman Jones, Louisville; Thomas L. and Shelley Edwards Jones, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Michael and Ellen Karpf, Lexington; John Esten and Dinsmore Davis Keller, Lexington; George D. and Sharon M. Koper, Louisville; Todd Saffell Lemley, Versailles; James Levin, Louisville; Donald J. Lippert, In Memoriam; Wanda M. Lippert, Frankfort; James R. and Judith B. Mahan, Lexington; William B. and Blanche R. Mahoney, Louisville; Kurt W. Maier, Bowling Green; William Patrick and Sandra Manion, Georgetown; Wayne A. and Sandra W. Marlowe, Nicholasville; Linda Mills Marquis, Ft. Mitchell; Earl F., Jr. and Mary L. Martin, Hartford; Mark Mayer, Winchester ; Henri C. and Ann Roser Mazyck, Lexington; C. Ray McClure, Jr., Lexington; Barton C. McFarland, Paris; John S. and Kimberly C. McGaw, Naperville, Ill.; David E. and Terri L. Miller, Crestwood; Kenneth V. L. and Anna M. Miller, Lexington; Joyce S. Miller, Prospect; Maurice Lawrence Miller, Jr., In Memoriam; Stewart J. Miller, Philadelphia, Pa.; Lisa A. Mills, Lexington; Robert C. Moody, Berea; Alvin T. and Freda I. Morton, Lexington; Norman R. Nedde, Los Gatos, Calif.; Louie B. Nunn, In Memoriam; Ted and Anne Clay Oldham, Lexington; Dulaney L. O’Roark, Jr., Louisville; Timothy L. and Sue B. Overman, Lexington; Richard Whitney and Sarah Seidemann Page, Lexington; Eddie K. and Phyllis B. Parker, Lexington; Joey and Tina C. Payne, Lexington; Gary Allen and Nannalee Hall Perry, Georgetown; Jane S. Peters, Lexington; Ewan D. Phillips, Lexington; Jane S. Phillips, Lexington; Karen Congdon Pigman, High Point, N.C.; J. B. Pitman, Jr., Somerset; J. Brooks and Ada R. Pitman, Lexington; Paul A. and Kathleen Winsor Porter, In Memoriam; Davis P. T. Potter, Lexington; Randall J. and Jane G. Pratt, Lexington; Charles Richter Reusing, Williamsburg; Dwayne L. and Ruby P. Rogers, Morristown, Tenn.; Fon Rogers II, Lexington; Richard M. Rothfuss, Cincinnati, Ohio; Morris and Rosalyn Rozen, Richmond; John H. and Heather W. Saunders, Lexington; Frederick A. Schmitt and Susan Melinda Greenlese, Nicholasville; Stephen Mario and Stephanie Page Scioscia, Nashville, Tenn.; Randolph J. and Katrina T. Scott, Harrogate, Tenn.; William B., II and Lisa Ball Sharp, Lexington; Mark A. Shepherd, Richmond; Gary A. and Susan W. Shortt, Louisville; Thomas K. and Janice G. Shuff, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; William T. and Alice D. Simpson, Goshen; Ronald D. Sit and Teresa L. Fong, Golden Valley, Minn.; E. Douglas and Diane H. Smith, Frankfort; Gregory A. and Anna L. Smith, Lexington; Paul and Colleen Wickham Sparks, Prospect; Deborah Delona Stanley, Lexington; William R. and Sharon Vaughan Stapp, Silsbee, Tex.; James O. and Sue M. Stiles, Louisville; Leslie J. and Donna Mae Stith, Guston; Alan B. and Jan T. Sullivan, Lexington; David Sutton and Paula Shives, Winter Park, Fla.; Douglas L. and Nancy N. Thomas, Paris; Gene Allen Thomas, Owenton; Herman J. and Jeanie C. Thomas, Lexington; Christopher Dale Tipton, Lexington; Arnold, Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Turner, Prestonsburg; Kathleen E. Voelker, Alexandria, Va.; Roy D. Wasson, Miami, Fla.; Badshah J. and Aisha K. Wazir, Charleston , W.Va. ; Kelli Greer Webb, Lexington; Whitney Fouts Weber, Louisville; Elizabeth Shaikun Weinberg, Louisville; Robert E. Wheeler, Ashland; William G. Wheeler, Lexington; Joseph G. Whitaker, Independence; Bruce M. Winges, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Ted G. and Judy Lemons Wood, Bristol, Va.; Samuel E. and Mary C. Worley, Lexington ; D. Ralph and Charlotte C. Young, Stanford; and Jordana Marie Zabaneh, Louisville.

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