Peace Processes Discussed

Contact: Dan Adkins



LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 16, 2004) -- Harold H. Saunders, director of international affairs at the Kettering Foundation, will discuss processes to bring about peace at both the local and international levels at 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, in the William T. Young auditorium at the University of Kentucky. His speech is sponsored by the UK Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.

At the Kettering Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the workings of democracy, Saunders has been the architect of efforts to develop “a public peace process” designed to change relationships, including those in deep-rooted human conflicts. He currently is participating in dialogues aimed at bringing together warring parties in the Republic of Tajikistan and mentoring a black-white dialogue in Baton Rouge, La.

He also is president and chairman of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, a former member of the National Security Council staff, and a former assistant secretary of state for near eastern and south Asian affairs.

His most recent book is “A Public Peace Process: Sustained Dialogue to Transform Racial and Ethnic Conflicts.”

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